Fibre Reinforcements

Quadaxial Glass

This type of glass reinforcement is tailor-made for use with Jesmonite. It is based on the latest multiaxial glass reinforcement technology, which makes Jesmonite fiberglass laminates light, strong and fire resistant.

There are very few free filaments, making the glass safe and comfortable to use. It can be accurately cut using scissors or roller cutters and will conform to even the most complex shapes. This makes it especially suitable for mould making and panel construction.

Please note that fibreglass matting (CSM) for use with solvent-based resins such as polyester is not suitable for use with Jesmonite materials.

Chopped Strands

Jesmonite Chopped Glass Strands can be added to all Jesmonite mixtures to give increased strength in thin section castings, and to act as a filler to assist in laminating.

Jesmonite Chopped Glass Strands are available in three types: 6mm and 12mm as standard glass, and 13mm Alkali Resistant glass which are designed specifically for use with Jesmonite AC630 to create a premix. Chopped strands can also be used to add impact resistance when applying thin sections of Jesmonite to carved objects made from polystyrene.

PVA Fibres

PVA fibres are the new alternative to glass reinforcements for cement systems.

They are a synthetic polyvinylalcohol fibre with chemical and physical attributes that make them particularly suitable to the Jesmonite family of Polymer Modified Cement materials. They have high strength combined with low elongation and high modulus. They provide advanced adhesion to the polymer cement matrix as well as inherent resistance to the degrading effects of the alkalinity of such a matrix.

We strongly recommend their addition to Jesmonite systems when high strength retention after severe exposure make them especially suitable to resist frost damage in the harshest external environments.

Where do I buy Jesmonite?

At Jesmonite we operate through official distributors, if you are looking to place an order for Jesmonite materials, find the cost of products or the cost of shipping simply contact one of your nearest distributors.

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