Jesmonite launches its Academy for Distributors

Jesmonite academy

As part of the Jesmonite push to educate and upskill its distributors, we have launched our education programme, the Jesmonite Academy.

Our newest member of the Jesmonite Team is Adam, our project manager. He comes from an educational background where he spent the last 27 years teaching. To use his skills effectively, Jesmonite has tasked him with increasing distributor knowledge of Jesmonite and empowering them to be able to support their customers. As a result, he has set up and launched the Jesmonite Academy!

Why do we need the Jesmonite Academy?

‘The idea is to upskill our distributors so they can give our customers the best support possible and that they can become the first port of call when customers have any questions.’ As the worldwide Jesmonite community continues to grow, we want to ensure the same level of service and knowledge from our distributors, wherever they may be in the world.

What will this look like?

‘There are 3 levels to the Academy, which will teach the best practice for use with AC100 and AC730, our marquee products, and also the properties and uses of AC300, AC630 and AC930.’

‘Distributors will complete a training course for each level and at the end, they will be tested to demonstrate their knowledge. Once they pass, they will then get a badge’ on the distributor page of ‘our website to tell the customers their level of expertise.’

How will this affect me, the customer?

‘You will be able to see that your distributor has a certain level of knowledge, and it should give you confidence to go to them for advice. It will also ensure we are all using best practices when it comes to using Jesmonite and this will in turn reduce customer issues.’

What are the plans for the Jesmonite Academy in the future?

‘We at Jesmonite are always looking to increase knowledge of our great products and their wide range of applications. Along with our support service on the website, social media, and access to our experts, we hope to expand the Jesmonite Academy to further support our distributor network and customers alike. Watch this space!’

As our community grows and our users get more and more adventurous, we strive to adapt and support them. Best practices are also shared through our YouTube channel and our social media accounts.