The History of Jesmonite!

40th Logoo

As part of our celebrations for 40 years of Jesmonite, we thought we would look back at the history books!

When was Jesmonite invented?

The roots of Jesmonite trace back to 1978, when Peter Hawkins, a British chemist, set out to create a material that would combine the strength of traditional building materials with the flexibility of more contemporary substances. His goal was to develop a substance that could be moulded into intricate shapes, providing architects and artists with unprecedented freedom in design.

Hawkins, in collaboration with his partner David Penney, succeeded in formulating a composite material that not only met their expectations but exceeded them. They named their creation Jesmonite, derived from the Jesmond district in Newcastle, England, where their initial experiments took place.

In 1984, Jesmonite Ltd. was born.

1990s: Business Entities Emerge

The 1990s saw a significant turning point for Jesmonite as the dedicated business was established to cater to the growing market demand. Architects and businesses, impressed by the material’s versatility, began utilising Jesmonite for façades, interior finishes, and custom-designed elements. The material’s market recognition soared during this decade, solidifying its place as a transformative business solution.

2000s: Composition Advantage and Sustainable Business Practices

The composition of Jesmonite, a water-based composite combining gypsum-based powder and liquid acrylic resin, became a key selling point in the 2000s. Its eco-friendly nature, owing to the absence of traditional solvents, aligned seamlessly with the growing emphasis on sustainable business practices. Jesmonite’s chameleon-like ability to mimic natural elements provided businesses with a competitive edge, making it a strategic asset in various design applications.

2010s: Global Presence

As the 2010s unfolded, Jesmonite became a global phenomenon in the construction and design sectors. Its incorporation into high-profile architectural projects, art installations, and public spaces solidified its status as an innovative and transformative material. Businesses worldwide recognised Jesmonite as a solution that could push the boundaries of both aesthetic appeal and functional excellence.

The Pandemic and 2020s

During the lockdown of the pandemic, Jesmonite brought out its AC100 starter kit, which had an immediate impact on the hobby and craft markets. This newest development opened a new section of the marketplace and helped Jesmonite become an international brand. This was recognised when the starter kit was awarded ‘Lockdown craft product of the year 2021.’

In 2022, Jesmonite’s global expansion was again recognised by her Royal Highness with the ‘Queen’s Award for International Trade’.


Jesmonite has continued its progress through its rapidly widening distributor network and is now available in 50 countries worldwide, including the USA.

Managing Director Piran Littleton said: ‘The Jesmonite team has grown and developed to ensure we can offer more to our ever-expanding markets around the world. We are now ready to deliver even better levels of support for our global distributors through key product education, innovation, new product development and marketing support.’

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