Have you spotted Jesmonite on television?

In the world of interior design, architecture, prop-making, and set decoration, keen-eyed viewers might have noticed a subtle but significant shift in the materials used to create stunning visuals on television. One of these materials making a notable appearance is Jesmonite, an innovative and versatile composite material that’s becoming increasingly popular for its aesthetic qualities and practical applications.

Why Jesmonite?

Television production is a world of attention to detail, where every prop, set piece, and backdrop contributes to the narrative and aesthetic of a show. Jesmonite’s rise in popularity on TV can be attributed to several factors:

Jesmonite’s ability to replicate the look and feel of natural materials like concrete, marble, stone, aged wood, or even metal at a fraction of the weight and cost while also being significantly more commercially viable to produce in-house using existing skillsets as opposed to outsourcing to specialist fabricators. This allows set designers to create realistic environments that enhance the believability of a scene while reducing outlay and improving the speed of production without degrading the overall quality.

Jesmonite’s ability to take on fine detail to reflect any textured surface and give an extremely tactile finish makes it ideal for crafting bespoke set pieces and decorative elements. From intricate architectural details to modern furniture pieces, Jesmonite offers endless possibilities for creating unique designs tailored to specific productions.

It is this textured and tactile finish which has been recognised by multiple large-scale production companies when assessing designs for their new attractions in the world of theming. Jesmonite has been the product of choice on various worldwide projects due to its authentic touch and weathering when compared to conventional fiberglass laminates. Truly enhancing the experience for visitors.

Jesmonite can be used as a laminating material, allowing it to be cast in thinner, glass-reinforced pieces therefore making it significantly lighter and durable, easier to handle and transport during production. Its ability to be painted with proprietary paint systems to achieve different finishes and similarly the enhanced abrasion resistance ensures that set pieces and props retain their quality throughout filming despite constant use, reducing the need for maintenance.

As sustainability becomes increasingly important in design and production, Jesmonite’s eco-friendly composition offers a wide range of benefits, including, being free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), being a water-based system and incorporating responsibly sourced materials makes it a preferred choice for environmentally conscious creators who need high-performance materials.

Where can it be spotted?

Since the devastating events of the pandemic and writers’ strike, thankfully, the film studios have re-opened, and we have seen a significant boost in inquiries in this sector. We also have multiple distributors who are specialists in this field, including WP Nottcut in Surrey, who supply many of the film and TV studios as well as set fabricators and designers alike.

Our products have been used in so many films, TV series, shorts, and themed environments, some of the recent standout productions include the recent Barbie Movie as well as various Marvel Studios Productions to name but a few.

The versatility and adaptability of our materials highlight Jesmonite as a valuable tool for set designers, prop makers, and artists seeking to bring their creative visions to life in the ever-evolving landscape of television and themed environments.

So, next time you’re watching a film, or TV series or visiting a theme park, keep your eyes peeled for Jesmonite to see what can be done! Who knows, it might just inspire your next creative project.