New distributor in the UK

Phil Rapley from Mojo Materials is our latest distributor, who first heard about Jesmonite as a craft material about five years ago.

Mojo Media launched in 2010 in the brokering advertising space, then diversified into other areas about five years ago to become Mojo Materials. The company buys and sells a number of products, but Jesmonite is the one the team is most excited about right now because it is so versatile!

Visit the website to discover the exceptional versatility of Mojo Materials as an official distributor of Jesmonite in the United Kingdom. It caters to a wide range of industries, from arts and crafts to large-scale industrial projects.

Phil said: “With our deep domain expertise and commitment to quality, we have become a go-to destination for professionals in interior design, move set fabrication, architecture, and more!”

What attracted you to becoming a distributor?

“I liked that Jesmonite doesn’t sell directly to clients, so they’re not competing or undercutting, which I think is a very fair and ethical way of doing business. I also think Mojo Materials can provide customers with a ‘great product, swift and accurate delivery and great prices.”

What is it you love about Jesmonite?

“I love that the product is so diverse! I’ve seen all kinds of creations and products made, there really is no limit. I love seeing all the creative pieces on #Jesmonite on Instagram and the incredible projects on LinkedIn!”

Why Shopify and what does it offer your customers?

“Shopify is easy to use for me and the consumer. More importantly, it works! I like it because it offers my customers a safe and secure site to buy the official Jesmonite products of their choosing.”

What have you made using Jesmonite?

“I have made things with it such as trinket trays and various types of holders, but I learned about the different technique’s customers can use when I spent a training day with Adam, projects manager at Jesmonite, before becoming a distributor. He showed me different pigmenting techniques, marbling techniques and how to achieve a Terrazzo finish. We also looked at AC730 and the different finishes that can be achieved, as well as methods to seal Jesmonite. I also look at what creative individuals do and admire their skill and ability.”

For more information about Mojo Materials, you can check them out on their website or on their Instagram.

Want to be a Jesmonite distributor? Click here to visit our website for more information.