Decorative Paints

Jesmonite Decorative Paints are supplied as individual components, in four standard colours, Golden Honey, Midnight Silver, Burnt Orange & Lava Red. The products are formulated for internal and external use and can be used to either compliment or contrast your Jesmonite creations. A secondary dilution agent is available for creating
translucent/diluted effects. The products, both applied neat or diluted are compatible with AC100, AC300, AC630, AC730, & AC830 in both solid and laminated formats.

Key USP’s

  • UV-stable and lightfast
  • Highly weather resistant
  • Water repellent
  • Sol-silicate based (kinder to the environment)

Where do I buy Jesmonite?

At Jesmonite we operate through official distributors, if you are looking to place an order for Jesmonite materials, find the cost of products or the cost of shipping simply contact one of your nearest distributors.

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