Feeling hungry? Wait until you read this!

Meet our newest brand ambassador, Kerry, from the ‘Fake Food Workshop’, which she runs with her daughter Primrose. Kerry has worked ‘in the Arts & Heritage sector as a sculptor for over three decades.’ She ‘was first introduced to Jesmonite AC100 in 2017 when casting a life-size figure at the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. In 2018, she ‘used AC730 to cast a series of large facsimiles of Roman carved stones for permanent display at Vindolanda on Hadrian’s Wall.

The Fake Food Workshop launched in ‘2019, where we provide lifelike replica food items to a global clientele. AC100 is our go-to product for the replication of fake foods, which has set new benchmarks for authenticity and realism.’

This ‘mother and daughter team recently relocated to Dumfries & Galloway to launch a dedicated workshop space and open the UK’s first fake food store. Professional sculptor Kerry Samantha Boyes is driven by a passion for artistry, culinary aesthetics, and transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.’

Their success in the UK has been from ‘humble beginnings, the business has evolved into a global success by redefining the standards of replica food items. A testament to her vision and dedication. Kerry, alongside her daughter Primrose, has shaped the business’s growth, making it a leader in the replica food industry in the UK and internationally, with prestigious clients in the UK including various National Trust Properties, Netflix, Jo Malone Harrods Christmas, Heinz, Selfridges, English Heritage, BBC, Alexandra Palace, Black Country Living Museum and various Theatres, Filmmakers and Heritage Sites.’

This success is now international – ‘The Fake Food Workshop’s relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to craftsmanship have garnered global recognition and demand. The business reflects the market’s growing appreciation for high-quality, lifelike replica food items. International clients include Warner Bros Barbie Movie, Guggenheim Museum, New York, Hobbiton Movie Set, New Zealand, Théatre National de Nice, France, Eye Film museum – Project EXPIVO, The Netherlands, The Lacombe & District Historical Society, Canada, Walt Disney Imagineering, USA.’

‘I appreciate Jesmonite for its remarkable versatility, seamlessly merging with resins, paints, and other finishing products. This makes it ideal for sculpting the diverse range of products we offer at the Fake Food Workshop. Jesmonite’s forgiving and durable nature enables us to continuously refine our techniques, resulting in remarkably authentic fake food items. Our meticulous attention to detail, focusing on texture and colour, sets our creations apart as unparalleled replicas in the industry, and Jesmonite plays a crucial role in achieving these results.’

‘It’s a great personal achievement to be invited as a brand ambassador, and I look forward to building a relationship with Jesmonite and showcasing the versatility of this product, by sharing our experiences and innovative techniques. I hope to contribute to the global success of the Fake Food Workshop. Primrose and I wish to inspire artists to experiment with Jesmonite in unique and innovative ways, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with this exceptional material.’

At the Fake Food Workshop, located in the scenic artist’s town of Kirkcudbright, Scotland, we’re currently constructing the UK’s inaugural fake food store adjacent to our workshop. We will be opening the doors to the public for the first time during Spring Fling 2024. It’s a whimsical mix of Willy Wonka’s magic, Mrs. Beeton’s charm and Mr. Arkwright’s vintage chaos. We aim to spark wonder and leave a lasting, mouth-watering impression. I hope to see you there!!

You can find the Fake Food Workshop here: Website and Instagram. Or contact Kerry directly – info@fakefoodworkshop.com.