People in Taiwan clear out the new distributor’s Jesmonite stock and are ready for more!

People in Taiwan have been eager to get their hands on Jesmonite as a new distributor started providing the material in the country.

Jesmonite Taiwan launched in the summer of 2022, promptly sold out its first batch of Jesmonite and quickly ordered more.

Amanda Hsu, who runs the company, said people there were very happy to be able to access Jesmonite.

“There is a big creative culture and industry in Taiwan and people are really thankful they can now get Jesmonite here,” she said.

“Some people had been using it but they had to order it from other countries, one person got it from the UK which has big shipping costs and takes a long time.

“Most people are buying it to make products to sell or do workshops with. The starter kits are popular but then people who buy it come back and buy more and more products, bigger and bigger amounts of it.

“We are excited about being able to offer this opportunity to more people and it is our responsibility to let more people know about it too – there is a huge potential for growth here in Taiwan as more people discover Jesmonite.”

Amanda’s company runs a product studio which helps people from all parts of the world to make products. For seven years, her business has perfected product design, development and the manufacturing process.

They hope to be able to incorporate this into their Jesmonite sales and offer one off silicone mould creation as well as other associated services.

“We can make any idea they want, it is not limited to the current moulds you can find in the market,” she added.

“We will help to bring your ideas to life.”

Jesmonite Taiwan plans to take on more members of staff to fulfil the orders they are getting for the material.

Whilst they don’t make products to sell themselves, they also hold workshops and collaborate with different creatives to share their passion for Jesmonite and help promote it.

Amanda discovered the material when she was browsing the internet – as she runs a product making studio, she is always trying to find alternative materials to replace plastic – and was immediately intrigued.

“I had never heard of it but saw many people using it,” she said.

“We work with a lot of plastic so the fact Jesmonite is eco friendly was great, we were very excited.

“I let my three-year-old play with it because it is so safe. I love the fact people can use it at home.

“I find makers and creators are experimenting a lot and sharing on Instagram and we like that AC730 is very popular here in Taiwan too – people like natural colour.”

For more information about Jesmonite Taiwan visit their website or follow them on social media.