Find out what our US distributor has been up to!

US distributor

Checking in with our US distributor after 6 months with Jesmonite!

We thought it would be good to see how our Washington-based distributor, Foremost Tarp, has found their first 6 months. Zach and Jen Ross are a husband-and-wife team, and we asked them about their experiences.

The last six months..

‘The last six months have been a whirlwind! We are working hard on creating content and getting the word out that Jesmonite is now available in the US. Jesmonite AC100 has been the top seller, but we are seeing increases in the AC730. Every day, I see new potential and new places where the products would be perfect. Being a brand-new product to the US, I think it will take a little time, but we are excited and energised by the response.’

Trade shows

FTC Creative have been using trade shows to get the word out about Jesmonite and its possibilities. Their first trade show experience was World of Concrete – ‘World of Concrete was an eye-opener!  It was such a busy show full of industry professionals.  We learned a lot and now have a better understanding of what that market is looking for. The eco-friendly properties and fast set times really set the product apart.  This show was full of concrete professionals from around the world.’

They were ‘surprised at how well the show was attended and the engagement of the attendees themselves.  There were so many good technical questions and it put our knowledge to the test!’

Next was The International Builders Show. ‘This show was massive and well-attended. We did live demos (a development from WoC) and that always drew a crowd. One of the benefits of this is showing the set times. We also had samples that could showcase the versatility of the product.  We were so exhausted at the end of the show, but also so energised and motivated due to the overwhelming response.

‘We went into both shows to get the Jesmonite name out there and let people who are already familiar with the product know there is now a US source. Again, getting the word out about an eco-friendly and more sustainable way to do what they are already doing is key to these shows. I get so excited when I see it in someone’s face, that they understand the limitless possibilities and applications, along with the ease of use.  You can see the ideas forming in their mind. I remember that exact feeling and get excited for them. Having a “new” product is always exciting, but consumers often hesitate to jump in with an unknown material, especially in large-scale or industrial applications. Jesmonite is an ideal “new” product because it’s not new, just new to the US. It feels good knowing the product you are representing is time tested and trusted around the world.’

What’s Next?

‘We have already committed to both WoC and IBS for 2025.  We have several other shows already on the schedule throughout the remainder of this year. Jesmonite is such a universal product, so it’s a matter of narrowing down which channels we want to focus on now.’

‘We have several hardware shows where we will be exhibiting, in addition to NY NOW this coming August. Our entire team is excited about the product. The shows have given more opportunities for members of our team to travel and do shows. Everyone has been learning about the product, so they are prepared.’

‘We are also excited to expand our Jesmonite product lines and include some of the Recommended by Jesmonite products in the lineup!

If you are in the US and want to know about Jesmonite, check out their website and Instagram.