Meet the team: Sophie Bevan

This month it’s all about the numbers. We love to introduce members of the Jesmonite HQ team to you in a monthly blog – and we’ve met people from all parts of our company.

We’ve had designers, factory workers, managers, marketing executives and many more – but we haven’t met anyone as good with numbers as this month’s offering!

So count down and get ready to learn more…

Name: Sophie Bevan

Job title: Company Account manager

How long have you worked at Jesmonite: 10 years this month!!

What has been your biggest achievement in your working career? Completing my level four AAT accounting qualification.

What has been your biggest achievement in your personal life? Having my little boy Arthur, he is currently 2 years old and makes me smile every day!

What is your favourite office snack? Bakery chocolate chip cookies – they are just too tempting!

What has been your biggest highlight of 2022 so far? We have just booked our very first family holiday to Tenerife which is very exciting, and I am very much looking forward to quality family time!

Where is on your bucket list? The Bahamas, I would love to go swimming with the pigs!

Have you made anything using Jesmonite? Yes, I have made some lovely Jesmonite coasters and trays using AC100 as part of a team building workshop. My favourite item I made was a multi-coloured terrazzo coaster!

What is your favourite country you’ve ever visited? Western Australia – I went travelling for a year which was an incredible adventure I will never forget.

What do you love the most about working at Jesmonite? I absolutely love the people I work with at Jesmonite, it’s lovely to have a group of friends not just Colleagues.

So there you have it, she’s good with numbers and cookies too – but of course no one’s counting how many!

Next time you speak to Sophie when you contact Jesmonite you’ll have to check in to see if she’s been swimming with those pigs yet – we hope she gets to soon!

Check back next month for an introduction to another of the Jesmonite team, will it be people who deal with numbers, phones, designs, or any of the many other roles we have here… watch this space!