Jesmonite workshops

Jesmonite workshops are one of the best ways to learn about our materials and learn techniques, whether you are a beginner or just need some new inspiration.

Worldwide differences

There are Jesmonite workshops happening all over the world and each one a little different.

Many workshops are divided into categories – beginners, intermediate and advanced. This means there is a workshop for everyone!

The workshop may focus on one mould or design, on making the perfect solid colour or teach a marbling effect.

For more advanced workshops, they may look at terrazzo, gold leaf designs or something else you haven’t even thought about…

Some are tailored to a particular trend, season, or occasion, like making Christmas tree decorations or Easter presents.

Each workshop may be different, but we can guarantee all Jesmonite workshops are fun! You will learn:

More about the material

Our official Jesmonite Distributor workshops are run by people in the know. People who know the difference between AC100, AC730 and everything in between.

They are more than likely going to be masters at the measures and assist you in scaling up or down your liquid to powder quantity ratios, depending on what you want to make.

There are also many creatives offering workshops globally too, they could tell you about the environmental benefits of our material, the fact you don’t need masks, the water-based nature of it and who it’s suitable for (hint: it’s everyone!).

More about colours

Colour pallets are a huge hit at workshops! You’ll delve into these, see what the trending seasons colours are!

The workshop will have a range of pigments you can use – but they can also tell you how to mix them to make your own unique colours.

They can assist you and answer questions on how to bring your ideas to life!

More about how to use the material

Never tried terrazzo before but want to? You could do it at a workshop.

Never tried gold leaf before but want to? You could do it at a workshop.

Never put a tattoo transfer on a coaster before? You could do it at a workshop!

One of the common points we get questions about are techniques for sanding and which sealant to use – whilst we’re happy to help, if you want an overview of the sanding tools you could use or the preferred sealants, who better to ask than a person right in front of you who has been there, tried it, made mistakes and learnt from it?

The two-way conversation on hints and tips is a huge benefit of being at a Jesmonite workshop.

And take something home!

This is the other point which is a huge benefit to Jesmonite workshops – unlike at many others you can walk away from a Jesmonite workshop with a finished product, there and then.

Due to the fast-setting time of Jesmonite, many workshop attendees are thrilled when they get to demould and experience the Jesmonite process from start to finish!

Where’s your nearest one?

Time to find one!

We suggest the best place to start looking for your nearest or best suited Jesmonite workshop is asking your nearby distributor or by searching on social media.

In Japan? Take a look at our distributor’s workshops here.

In Spain? Resineco do workshops in Barcelona, more info here.

In Hong Kong? Our distributor Spellroom has more info about workshops here.

In Singapore you can find details of workshops here and here.

You’ll also find some UK workshops on Eventbrite.

And that’s just a short supply of information from us – but there is lots more out there!

So, wherever you are in the world, whether you’re beginning or someone with experience looking for more help along the way, there will definitely be a benefit to a Jesmonite workshop for you.