New online course makes Jesmonite terrazzo side table accessible to all

People across the world are learning how to make ambitious Jesmonite homeware products thanks to an innovative new online course.

The ‘Terrazzo techniques for resin furniture making’ course on Domestika allows beginners or otherwise the chance to work hard in their own time and at their own pace to create a terrazzo side table.

It is run by none other than experienced Jesmonite creative Olivia Aspinall. You can see more about Olivia and the work she does here.

Thousands expected to complete course

The course launched at the beginning of July 2022 and had around 350 people sign up in just two weeks.

It’s expected to get thousands of people completing it over time.

“This is an extension of the workshops that we run in the studio,” Olivia, who runs Olivia Aspinall Studio Ltd from her studio based in Nottingham, UK, said.

“We have people from all over the world who can’t come to our base, so we wanted to create something that was accessible.

“Domestika approached me with the idea, and it was just perfect – they wanted something ambitious that could reach a lot of people but also for beginners.

Accessible and ambitious

“The side table is a big process, and a lot of work needs to be done, it is a step up from the smaller stuff, but it is accessible and people can work at their own pace.

“Scaling up can be difficult and we wanted people to not be afraid to go for bigger things.”

Domestika, which has thousands of creative courses on its platform, does have other furniture casting courses but this is the first English speaking and Jesmonite one which creates a large piece.


There have already been students from America and South America completing the course and it can be translated into Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Polish and Dutch.

One of the helpful aspects is a forum – again, translated into various languages – which Olivia contributes to, answering questions and learning what people are struggling with.

There are people available to help and answer questions, especially with technical and mathematical queries beginners may have.

Olivia spent six months working with Domestika to build the course and one week filming in their London studios.

Online lessons

“It was exhausting and tense but exciting,” she added.

“Working with Jesmonite is time limited in itself due to how quickly it sets, but add the stress of filming on top and it is quite difficult – but their team is really good.”

The course is delivered completely online in 14 lessons which cover an introduction to Jesmonite, principles and design, making the table, sanding, and finishing and finalising the product.

Specialist videos have been made to explain the materials and equipment, what terrazzo is and the colour theory as well as guidance on design, moulding, casting, and demoulding.

Olivia, who set up her company in 2015, is constantly challenging herself to create new ways of working with Jesmonite and is keen to share these to a worldwide audience, educating beginners and pushing them to try more.

More courses to come

She is believed to be one of the first artists to trial the now very popular terrazzo design using Jesmonite, which is in high demand and well-respected to use broken pieces of Jesmonite.

And watch out for more because she’d be keen to develop more courses.

“It was hard work, but it was great,” she added.

“It is something I’d look to do again, maybe to create a mould making course with mdf or cardboard made moulds.”

To book on her explosive first course click here  or to find out more about Olivia Aspinall Studio Ltd, commission a piece or buy products they create visit the website. Or for more information and to see her fantastic work follow Olivia on social media.