Half a meter look to spread the beauty of Jesmonite across Vietnam

A Vietnamese company has become the latest to sign up as a Jesmonite distributor – after they found the material to be ‘totally superior’ to anything they had used before.

Khanh Ngo and his wife Tram Tran, co-owners of Half a meter Crafthouse, are eager to ‘spread the beauty of Jesmonite to others’ as they make the product a large part of their company.

By becoming distributors, the couple hope to cut the cost of Jesmonite by 50% to the people of Vietnam.

Khanh said: “We have big plans for the future and the next year should see big growth.

Easier to buy Jesmonite in Vietnam

“We predict that 60% of our business will be Jesmonite-related and we will be able to reduce the price of Jesmonite by 50% for people in Vietnam. As users, they have found it difficult to buy until now and we are happy to be able to expand opportunities for them.

“It is a very exciting time and we are so pleased to be working with the respected and quality brand.

“We have a lot of experience with resin but Jesmonite is better in every way, we had a resin line but will be closing it because Jesmonite is totally superior.”

The company, which began trading in 2021, pride themselves on being a do-it-all shop. From idea to sketch to CAD rendering to prototyping and final production are all done in house with the help of current tools of digital fabrication.

Their best selling product is lightboxes, a combination of many materials they have worked closely with: Jesmonite, wood, acrylic, 3D printed parts and electronics components.

Half a meter is also keen on experiencing the newest materials and how to combine these to make new unique creations, and that’s why they ended up discovering Jesmonite.

Loved the material instantly

Khanh and Tram first came across Jesmonite on Instagram when searching online.

Tram said: “We thought the material was quite amazing straight away – you can do a lot with it.

“I always say it is a zero waste product because you can collect broken pieces for terrazzo and you can always remake.

“We love that there are no VOCs so it is safe for children and adults, we wanted to spread the beauty of Jesmonite to other people and held the first workshop in Vietnam.

Amazing colours

“Everyone in our workshops are happy with Jesmonite, they love that it is not toxic and cures in half an hour – in a two hour workshop you can do quite a lot.

“I’m in love with the Jesmonite pigments too – I love to demonstrate at a workshop and everyone is stunned, it doesn’t take a lot of pigment to make amazing colours from neon to pastel.

“We have sold small amounts of Jesmonite after workshops so far but now we are a distributor we will be able to give the people exactly what they want – and that is a lot more Jesmonite!”

Half a meter currently has a team of six people working across casting, workshops and production as well as Khanh and Tram – but in the coming year they hope to take on dedicated employees for distribution too as their company grows. For more information about them visit their website or follow them on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or YouTube.