Jesmonite heads to Hong Kong

Jesmonite heads to Hong Kong as trained architect brings it to the local crafting market

People in Hong Kong can now get their hands on Jesmonite more easily thanks to a new distributor there.

Lawrence Chiu has started to distribute the product as he knows so many creators in Hong Kong will love it.

His company Spellroom, named to reflect the desire to create something magical, is a place dedicated to the art of casting and the process of creation – which Lawrence believes is almost like having the magical ability to produce things from thin air.

“It can be difficult to get some overseas art and crafts products in Hong Kong,” he said.

Popular workshops

“Jesmonite is difficult to transport and expensive for local artisans to buy from adjacent countries, making it a less popular choice until now.

“But joining workshops and various crafting classes has become a popular form of social interaction in Hong Kong and our Jesmonite workshops are also proving very popular.”

As well as popular workshops, Spellroom has seen a good market response with increasing Jesmonite sales which has led the company to renovate a 4000 square foot art centre in Tsim Sha Tusi.

The centre will have five distinct workspaces for rent and classes.

Creative businesses are flourishing

Lawrence, who first came across Jesmonite when studying for an architecture degree in London, believes today’s technology, social media and e-commerce sites have helped creative businesses in Hong Kong to flourish.

“We aim to create a fusion, a hybrid approach of merging Jesmonite with digital 3D design modelling skills, fabrication skills and techniques,” he said.

“We want to inspire other dedicated artists to create their own brands or collections utilising this great material.

“We have been working hard behind the scenes practising using Jesmonite, planning and finding the appropriate setup and tools for our local producers.

“Before we launched, trial workshops with individuals, artists and creators showed us that Jesmonite has a lot of potential to become a popular material in the coming future.”

Spellroom will give guidance and advice to Jesmonite customers as well as inspiring them and helping to bring their designs to life and educating people on the material.

For more information on Spellroom visit their website or follow them on Instagram.