New business launched dedicated to Jesmonite distribution in Malaysia

With a background in graphic design and the post- production film industry, Avi Suresh has extended his creative qualities and turned his hand to everything Jesmonite.

The entrepreneur has launched new business JesmoniteMY – a dedicated Jesmonite distribution company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

He started making Jesmonite products during the Coronavirus lockdown and knew there was a future business in it.

Everyone raving about it

“Cinemas were closed during the pandemic, so I picked up a couple of new hobbies to keep myself busy, one of which was creating products out of cement, plaster and the like,” he said.

“As I dug deeper, I stumbled upon Jesmonite – everyone was raving about it and there were a lot of videos and forums discussing it on social media.

“At the time there was no distributor in Malaysia, so I knew there was an opportunity.

“I am very excited and am really looking forward to the future of this business, I am optimistic about continued growth.

A growing business

“People who know about Jesmonite are very excited to have a distributor and people who do not know about it have a lot of questions which I am happy to answer.”

JesmoniteMY launched their website and kickstarted their social media presence in April 2022.

The company has a lot of customers in the creative industries, like artisans and independent homeware makers, but it is also looking to grow bulk sales via interior designers, architects, and property developers.

Avi plans to focus on creating awareness about Jesmonite to the Asian market and educating the different market segments through video tutorials, collaborating with local artisans and influencers, as well as organising workshops where everybody will be welcome to get their hands dirty (or not so dirty, as Jesmonite is eco-friendly!).

At the moment JesmoniteMY just stocks the Jesmonite products but Avi will listen to customer feedback and begin to expand his range of associated products like moulds and other requests.

Love creating with Jesmonite

“One of the main reasons I love Jesmonite is because it is eco-friendly,” he added.

“The colours pop too – they are vibrant and striking.

“I also love the flexibility and versatility of the material, there are so many things you can do, we are only limited by our imagination.”

Avi has found that a lot of people are in the process of switching over to begin using Jesmonite instead of the other materials they currently use, so orders are increasing all the time.

While based in Kuala Lumpur, JesmoniteMY can ship throughout the region.

To find out more about the company or buy from them visit the website.

To see more of what they do follow them on Instagram at or Facebook.