Family business in Spain becomes latest Jesmonite distributor

A family run Barcelona-based business established in 1992 has added the latest must-have product to its stock – Jesmonite.

Sagrista Products has always adapted to the market over the years and reflected what their customers want – so they signed up to be Jesmonite distributors.

Brothers Jordi and Victor Sagrista Garcia are manager and community manager respectively. Their dad established the business.

Jordi said: “We are very excited – we have wanted to be Jesmonite distributors for several years and it is a great challenge for us.

“We have worked for several years with other brands of resins but we have been hearing about Jesmonite, our customers told us about it and we hope it will become a big part of our business.

“We have an established reputation but over the years the world has changed, so we did too.

“People care about the environment now so Jesmonite has a step forward with that because of its mechanical properties.

“It is a good product to use, it is easy for everyone, safer and more ecological.”

Sagrista Products supplies to artists, creatives, sculptors, architects and those in construction too.

They work with many Catalonian schools, companies and anyone in the artistic field.

As well as selling Jesmonite the company sells resins, silicone, alginate, clay, fillers, thinners, varnish and much more.

They test the products they sell before putting them on offer and create things themselves to help promote the materials being sold, displaying what can be made with them.

The firm makes video tutorials as well and hope to do this for Jesmonite in the future.

“Our service to customers sets us apart from our competitors,” said Victor.

“We have a local store and people can buy from the shop, people know us here.

“We not only sell the product but help the customer in the process, we advise them and have a lot of experience in how the materials work and answer questions.

“Being a Jesmonite distributor compliments our product range, the Jesmonite brand is very extensive and it sits well with our established and respected brand in Spain.

“We can sell it together with silicone or many other products we offer – we are pleased to be able to enlarge our range of products.”

For more information about our latest Barcelona distributor visit their website