South America has its first ever official Jesmonite distributor

South America has its first ever official Jesmonite distributor – a family company specially set up by a 30-year-old actress and model who could see the potential of the product.

Jesmonite Brazil, based in São Paulo, sells directly to customers using the water-based concrete alternative for creative projects – but already has enquiries to export to Argentina and Uruguay.

Family business

Owner Taiany Borges, originally from Rio, is running the business with her publicist wife Hannah Sloboda and has investment and advice from her business owning parents, mum Paula Borges and dad Joemir Ramos.

“I saw a video of Jesmonite on social media and looked into it – I wanted to buy it but we didn’t have it here so I emailed them and after almost a year of negotiations and studies, we got it,” she said.

“I saw an opportunity, we don’t have anything like this, no other products similar – just concrete and epoxy but I worked with that and didn’t like it because it is not safe, it is bad for the environment. When I saw Jesmonite for the first time I knew I wanted it.

Huge potential

“The potential is much bigger as more and more people hear about it.”

Since deciding to launch Jesmonite Brazil, Taiany has done a lot of reading to learn about import and exporting, running a business and has even completed a business course.

In the beginning they intend to focus on small orders where people will use starter kits to make products like candle holders, soap dishes and phone holders.

But in time Jesmonite Brazil will export to big clients in other countries across South America and Taiany has already prepared to present to a number of people in the construction sector in Brazil.


She added: “I am so happy to be the first distributor in South America – we want to do a good job and do Jesmonite proud, we won’t pretend to be bigger than we are, we will put customers first and grow as we progress.

“I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous, but I know we can do a good job and more than anything we are just excited for the future and to see what we can achieve.”

Jesmonite Brazil officially launched in June and joined Instagram the following month – in less than three weeks the account gained over 100 followers.

Portuguese tutorials

Hannah will focus on publicity as the company grows, but one important aspect of the way Jesmonite Brazil can help customers is to create tutorials in Portuguese – something which doesn’t exist much online at all.

“There are not many tutorials for Jesmonite in Portuguese at all, I have to translate a lot of them but it will be a great help to our customers when we make them,” she said.

“We will put them on all social media and YouTube too, well produced, high quality tutorials to help our customers in any way we can.

“I will use some of the product to experiment and make products, but Jesmonite Brazil will not sell products itself at first as we do not want to compete with our customers, but will focus on advice and help.”

For more information on Jesmonite Brazil visit their website or follow them on social media with Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.