Business plan changes as managers discover Jesmonite and quickly sign up to be Canadian distributors

A new community is being created and a company has been set up – with managers changing their whole business plan after being introduced to Jesmonite. Mad Mayker, based in Toronto, Canada, has been set up simply because Jesmonite impressed the owners with its eco-credentials, fast drying time, lightweight component, and versatility. The company is building a community of makers who want to buy Jesmonite, use Jesmonite and sell products made of Jesmonite – rather than just signing up as a distributor.

Brody Major is President and CEO of Mad Mayker. “We moved really fast, we were excited about the opportunities and thought it was just perfect,” he said.

“We had a business plan ready to go but everything had to change once we encountered Jesmonite. One of the reasons we chose to change our whole business model is that there aren’t enough distributors here in North America, but we also love the product.

“We are strictly focused on Jesmonite – we don’t have other products not related to Jesmonite and our biggest goal is to get people to play and make.”

Mad Mayker will sell Jesmonite in its raw form, as well as selling other finished products made by Jesmonite, creative pieces from people who are proud to be Mad Maykers. They will incentivise makers of all sizes, people looking to make small scale art or movie set pieces, big companies, or people at home. The Mad Mayker community aims to give people the opportunity to realise Jesmonite isn’t as complicated as concrete moulds and to be knowledgeable about the product and inspired by each other.

Brody was introduced to Jesmonite by a candle maker as he was looking for a way to make more eco-friendly products. His team have since been creating with Jesmonite, making candle holders which have been selling fast. One holder with a wax drip effect prompted questions from customers asking what happens when the wax starts to melt – which once again proved to Brody how effective Jesmonite is.

“It is an eco-conscience option for makers as there is next to no mess,” he added.

“We don’t want what we sell to create waste in landfill, Jesmonite does not do that.

“But more than that, it is very easy to use, you don’t need a science background to figure out how to make things.

“Production times are so fast too. You don’t have to wait 24, 36, 48 hours – but then there is the retarder to extend bucket life too.

“It is easy and fun to work with, you get to mix pigments and play around with all the colours.

“We quickly realised the flexibility and variability of the product and just had to be involved.”

Brody said potential customers are already very excited about Mad Mayker becoming a distributor of Jesmonite, they want to know when it is coming in and eager to find out what they can do with Jesmonite. For more information on Mad Mayker visit the website.