Architecture graduates create mesmerising Jesmonite products and become the latest brand ambassadors

We are proud to announce the third Jesmonite ambassador is HEFT – a duo in Leicestershire who are taking the stationery world by storm. HEFT said it was a ‘no brainer’ to be a promoter of Jesmonite because they do it anyway. The company, run by architecture graduates Josh Baddiley and Gabe Adams, was set up in 2021.

The perfect material

“To get authenticity from Jesmonite is really special,” Gabe said.

“Jesmonite is a core part of our business, we are always happy to talk to people and promote the quality of the material and the company, so we are very proud to have the reinforcement from the international brand itself.”

Josh and Gabe, both 24, use Jesmonite as an accessible way to bring their designs into the real world. The pair invest time and skill into designing every part of their brand from making their own custom moulds for their products to building their website. What do you do if you need a new tape dispenser? Start a business of course… HEFT began making Jesmonite stationery after seeing a gap in the market and it all started with a tape dispenser – which is still their most popular product.

Josh joked: “It is all a vanity project because I was looking for a tape dispenser.

“We didn’t have a background in business but were confident in what we were making and recognised the increasing demand for high quality desk and homeware during the pandemic.

“We named the company HEFT as the sound and word resonates with the products – objects that have a weight and importance to them, inspired by a combination of monolithic brutalism, Japanese minimalism and Scandi chic colours.

“It has been amazing since we started, a learning curve but really rewarding and we have enjoyed building relationships and contacts through social media.” The pair work from a purpose-built workshop and some of their social media videos have gained over 3million views and 127,000 likes.

Design, design, design and make

Josh and Gabe wanted to use the skills they learnt as part of their architecture degree, where they used Jesmonite in model making.

“We wanted to channel it into something creative, apply those skills to explore other areas of design,” Gabe added.

“There is a complexity to the things we make, we task ourselves to create products that are both functional and retain a high quality of individual design.”

Katy, Jesmonite marketing consultant, said: “We love the personality behind HEFT as well as their work.

“Josh and Gabe are engaging and interesting, and their designs are simple and honest, contrasting soft, rich curves with a sharp, defined exterior – creating quirky yet timeless pieces.”

Sneak peak at a new product

So, if you’re looking for a funky tape dispenser for your office, look no further. In fact, HEFT is going to branch out and we can exclusively reveal a new product due to be released this year. Creatives going wild for HEFT will be able to get their hands on a product designed for them – a new packing tape dispenser for business or personal use. It will be able to hold two normal roles of tape, or one big one. So, watch this space!

For more information on HEFT visit their Instagram page.