All things AC730

If you’ve never used Jesmonite AC730 before or aren’t sure if you should be using it, we are here for you.

Most new starters to Jesmonite begin with AC100 and they love it (rightly so!), but soon you might start wondering what else we have in our product range and why we have it… we know that itch!

So here’s the low down.

What effects can you create with AC730?

AC730 makes a great coarse natural stone effect when treated with Jesmonite Acid Etch and you’ll see that in a lot of images of products made using it. But it doesn’t have to be used in this way…

You can also add colour, add fillers, aggregates, add anything you like really. It can be used in so many different ways (we suggest you experiment!) and there’s a common misconception that it’s just about that stone effect finish. It isn’t.

How does it look/feel

Before acid etching AC730 is very smooth – we think smoother than AC100.

It tends to be shiny & smooth when you use a high-quality silicone mould, this is normal, and then when acid etched, it becomes a rougher surface. This is because the natural aggregate is revealed and again, it’s completely normal.

AC730 will copy the exact surface finish of the mould it is cast into – so make sure it’s exactly what you want.

The material has a reduced free lime content, with low alkalinity, and it leads to a significant reduction in efflorescence compared to traditional Portland cement systems, meaning you’re not going to see unsightly white streaks staining your finished piece.

AC730 contains a fine decorative aggregate and powdered pigments that are carefully controlled to produce an even decorative finish after treatment with a proprietary brick cleaner or acid etch.

What can I use it for?

This Jesmonite product can also be used outside. It is UV stable as a stand alone product – but remember, if you use Jesmonite pigments then it won’t be fully UV stable due to them, you’re likely to experience colours fading over time.

It’s also durable under all outdoor exposure conditions, including exposure to water.

Most people know AC730 is great for plant pots! But once again, that’s not all… it’s the perfect material for a small candle pot but has also been used tremendously effectively for big projects building frontages and more.

You can see AC730 in action at museums, flats, grand and historical buildings across the world – as well as on the kitchen table in homes!

How can I get it?

You can buy AC730 in sets ranging from 6kg to 1,200kg.

Jesmonite offers eleven standard stone finishes: Natural Stone, Bath Stone, Yellow Sandstone, White Marble, Portland Stone, Silver Grey Granite, Old Terracotta, Cotswold Honey Stone, Brick Red, Charcoal Black and Marigold.

But remember, it can be used in many other ways too!

Tempted to try it? Why not purchase a little and experiment like we’ve suggested – you can get it from one of our distributors, find your local one here.