A New Zealand based company has signed up as the latest Jesmonite distributor

A New Zealand based company has signed up as the latest Jesmonite distributor – helping take the product to the other side of the world! Yao Xiang moved as quickly as he could to make sure his company Resin Art NZ was the first official distributor of Jesmonite there, after he saw just how many people were asking where they could get it from in online forums.

Resin Art NZ was set up in 2019 and two months later customers started asking Yao to get more eco-friendly products – a quick search led him to Jesmonite and just how desperately people were wanting a New Zealand based supplier.

“I acted fast to get it,” he said.

“People love it because of how environmentally friendly it is, there is no smell and it is easy to use.

“Some of our customers are mums with children at home and they need something that is not toxic or dangerous.

“I saw discussions on Facebook groups about how people are trying to get Jesmonite in New Zealand and the need for it here.

“Some people were buying from Australia but that was taking around 6 months to be delivered.

“There is definitely a lot of interest here and I think it is going to be a big part of our business.”

Resin Art NZ also sells epoxy resin, dyes and pigments, glitter, moulds and other tools and accessories. Before he even had Jesmonite stock delivered to New Zealand, Yao took more than 60 pre orders and it was already making up around 20% of his business sales. Yao is confident they will more than double how much Jesmonite they sell in the coming months. Around 80% of Resin Art NZ customers are crafters who do it as a hobby at home, and the other 20% are professionals including artists and architects.

“Since lockdown, everyone has had more time at home and started exploring crafting more,” he added.

“Our business expanded quickly because of that and Jesmonite will be the perfect addition to our stock.

“It is great to adapt and we want to show people just how much you can do, people can make personal, special and unique items easily with Jesmonite.”

Resin Art NZ aims to create training videos such as on TikTok and YouTube about how to use Jesmonite. For more information about the company visit the website.