Three is the magic number – or 300,000 in this case!

They say three is the magic number – but for us it’s 300,000 this month!

We’re thrilled to see over 300k posts on Instagram using the hashtag #Jesmonite – a huge milestone which means our feed is bursting with colour, inspiration and creativity.

We love it!

So thank you – you brighten our day when we see pictures of products made with Jesmonite and we know it has the same effect on many other people.

Keep doing it!


We get very excited when we see new things creatives are trying with Jesmonite – if they’re trying Terrazzo for the first time, mixing a new material into their AC100 or branching out into AC730, it is so fulfilling to see.

One of the things we really enjoy is seeing both the successes and failures! Creatives can learn from each other, inspire each other and inform each other too.

It is a really informative and educating hashtag that we love to check.

Just take a look:

Around the world

Whether it’s @razzostudio from the Netherlands with their perfectly poised pictures and friendly robots or @gypsum_addiction from South Africa with their cool natural colours talking about how much they love what they are making!

@lilyminilli in Birmingham, England, makes bright and bold creations to make it feel sunny even when it’s not and @jaimejesmonite_jp in Japan literally brightens the room with their candle creations!

People across the world are using the hashtag to share innovative ways to work with this water based material – even teaching us at Jesmonite HQ a thing or two at times.


It was only 16 months ago we were celebrating 100k #Jesmonite posts, so to see so many more in such a short space of time just shows how much everyone is enjoying creating with our material and sharing it with online communities for others to enjoy too.

It’s inspiring, informative and a real sense of like minded creatives in a community when we check #Jesmonite.

So if you’re not on Instagram and you’re posting about Jesmonite, get yourself on there – and use the hashtag #Jesmonite, that’s where we share work of our creatives on to the Jesmonite feed.