Soho Place – Marketing Suite

Manufacturer: Design & Visual Concepts

Architect: Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

Contractor: The Thornton Partnership Ltd

Product: Jesmonite AC730

The Project

Design & Visual Concepts were called in by the contractor, The Thornton Partnership, to provide ribbed panels for the Soho Place Marketing Suite which they completed with the use of Jesmonite AC730. The marketing suite is located at 9 Rathbone Place and provides indications of the different internal finishes to be featured in the new Soho Place development. The work lasted a week and had a budget of £20,000.

The development

Soho Place is an eye-catching 285,000 square foot mixed-use scheme in the highly visible location on the corner of Oxford Street and Charing Cross Road in London. When completed, it will be home to 209,000 square feet of offices, 36,000 square feet of retail and 40,000 square feet meeting leisure and entertainment needs.

We asked Michael Arney, Design & Visual Concepts Project Director, to explain how the firm fulfilled its contract:

We received drawings from the architects which allowed us to work to their specifications for the project. From these drawings we were then able to produce a sample of the Jesmonite wall panel for approval prior to starting production.

Jesmonite is a product we use regularly and find it the ideal material for the majority of projects which require a mimicking of texture and colour to suit individual requirements. Jesmonite AC730 was used in this particular project. It is a fast-setting acrylic modified cement composite designed for glass reinforced decorative structures which can also be used for small castings.

Once the sample was approved, we manufactured a scale model and produced a rubber mould from that model. We were then able to cast the Jesmonite panels from the mould. The colour was matched in line with the specifications and we supplied and installed an SFS framework to hang the Jesmonite wall panels.

We were delighted with the results and everyone involved with the project was very impressed with the wall and the workmanship involved in the creation of the Jesmonite panels.