Pret A Manger, Battersea Power Station

Manufacturer: Universal Display

Client: Pret A Manger

Product: Jesmonite AC730

The Project

In April 2022, Pret A Manger, a prominent British coffee and sandwich takeaway chain, approached us with a unique challenge for their latest venue in the newly converted Battersea Power Station. Seeking to replicate the authentic look of an original London brick, they inquired about the feasibility of utilising Jesmonite.

Our Divisional Director, Edd Wilson, initiated discussions with Eileen O’Mahony, the Interim Global Shop Design lead at Pret a Manger. Proposing Jesmonite as an ideal material, Edd highlighted the diverse capabilities of our manufacturing partners to explore the optimal solution.

Through ongoing dialogue, it was determined that a ‘frog’ mould from a London brick company would achieve the desired visual effect. This approach allowed for the incorporation of the Pret A Manger insignia and establishment date on the inside of the brick, seamlessly replacing the original London Brick Company insignia.

Universal Display employed 3D visualisation techniques to conceptualise the brick before production. Multiple 3D visuals were generated, and a definitive 3D master was selected and printed to serve as the foundation for a master form. This form, in turn, was used to create a silicone mould.

Following successful trials, Jesmonite identified AC730 as the optimal material for capturing the intricate details of the cast while remaining commercially viable due to its rapid setting time and acid-etchable surface, which provide the most authentic brick effect. With the selection made, the brick transitioned into mass production and was subsequently delivered to the flagship store at Battersea Power Station.

The project exemplifies our commitment to innovative solutions, seamless collaboration with clients, and the successful utilisation of Jesmonite and other cutting-edge materials to bring unique visions to life.

Collaboration with brands like Pret A Manger really exemplifies the abilities of our materials. Being able to realise a designer’s vision so promptly using modern technologies, whilst offering a commercially viable manufacturing and installation process is something that we really pride ourselves upon.

We continue to work seamlessly with our approved manufacturing partners to provide unparalleled results, there really is never a better time to get in contact with us.

Edd Wilson, Divisional Director – Jesmonite Limited