Bespoke Essex Home

Manufacturer: Chelmer Mouldings Ltd

Client: Confidential

Architect: Confidential

Product: Jesmonite AC730

The Project

A homeowner in Essex sought to create a truly unique and bespoke look for their property by incorporating Jesmonite AC730 mouldings. Recognising the versatility and exceptional qualities of Jesmonite, the homeowner approached Chelmer Mouldings Ltd, renowned manufacturers in the industry, to bring their vision to life.

Having discovered the impressive work of Chelmer Mouldings on Instagram, the homeowner was immediately captivated. When presented with a sample of what could be achieved with Jesmonite AC730, they were instantly convinced of its suitability for their project. The lightweight nature of Jesmonite allowed for retrofitting measures to be incorporated into the property, enhancing its environmental credentials.

Chelmer Mouldings, working from pre-designed drawings provided by the client’s architect, meticulously crafted bespoke mouldings. The team’s expertise and attention to detail ensured that the final result perfectly matched the client’s vision. To maintain a cohesive aesthetic, the homeowner decided to extend the use of Jesmonite by incorporating white marble stone copings along the walls, harmonising with the rest of the house.

Maria Fethers, the Managing Director of Chelmer Mouldings Ltd., expressed great satisfaction with the project, considering it an exceptional addition to their portfolio. The bespoke Jesmonite AC730 mouldings, with their exquisite finish, add a touch of uniqueness and elegance to the property. The stunning visual appeal of Jesmonite has garnered significant attention on social media, prompting more architects, designers, and developers to express interest in incorporating Jesmonite into their own projects.

Our shift towards working extensively with Jesmonite is a testament to its growing popularity and the exceptional results that can be achieved with their materials. Our business has invested years into research and skill development to master the art of working with Jesmonite. Ensuring the precise mixing ratios and proper temperature controls are in place for the material. This ensures that we are consistently delivering outstanding projects with this versatile material.

By embracing Jesmonite, we have transformed our business and now actively educate architects, specifiers and main contractors about the remarkable possibilities that Jesmonite can offer as a stone alternative. The success of this project has further solidified our reputation as experts in creating bespoke Jesmonite AC730 mouldings, and we continue to be at the forefront in the industry by inspiring others to explore the potential of Jesmonite.

Maria Fethers, Managing Director of Chelmer Mouldings Ltd