Private Residence, Chelsea

Case study: Private residence, Chelsea, London

Manufacturer: Design & Visual

Client: Private Individual

Architect: Uros Stojadinovic

Contractor: LDB Construction

Product: AC730

Unique design

Imagine a project with every geometric element completely unique, hand moulded individually and beautifully installed in a prestigious luxury penthouse property in central London.

That is exactly what happened at this project in Chelsea – and all the work resulted in a stunning and striking finish.

Design & Visual Concepts specialise in delivering the highest level specialist interior architectural finishes so the company was delighted to be able to deliver this beautifully sculptured and unique balcony feature.

The Jesmonite balcony has a continually curving and asymmetrical ‘rockery’ design and was installed with integrated planters and barbeque, alongside a unique tiled walkway with a metallic bronze finish.

The bespoke installation was achieved by using 3D Model drawing files to create the master positive modelling work and respective casting moulds, from which to produce the Jesmonite casts.

Jesmonite AC730 was mixed with glassfibres for reinforcement and acid etch was applied to add the desired texture once each piece had been cast, then mounted onto a custom framework to provide structural rigidity.

The tiles for the balcony walkway were cast individually from a custom-made coral mould using Jesmonite AC730 combined with a bronze Flex Metal Gel Coat surface, which looks and behaves like bronze, before being hand polished.

Russell Brewis, head of marketing at Design & Visual Concepts, said: “This project was one of the most technically demanding projects we have had the pleasure to work on.

“It pushed the parameters of practical build and design to the very limits.

“We were all incredibly honoured to help deliver this stunning and beautiful balcony design feature for the client.”