61 Southwark Street, London

Manufacturer: Simplicity Specialist Finishes Ltd

Client: HB Reavis

Architect: TateHindle Architects

Contractor: Collins Construction Ltd

Product: Jesmonite AC730

The Project

This project to revitalise a 1960s office block on London’s South Bank clearly demonstrates the ability of Jesmonite to transform a building in the form of lightweight cladding.

61 Southwark Street was an outdated building that has been refurbished and extended by utilising Jesmonite AC730 cladding panels to provide a new lease of life.

Approximately 1,500m2 of vertical and horizontal Jesmonite AC730 cladding panels were manufactured and mechanically fixed back to the existing nine storey concrete framed building, creating a clean, modern look.

Both architect and main contractor required a bespoke Jesmonite AC730 colour match to suit the project’s overall colour scheme. As a part of their Architectural Services offering, Jesmonite can deliver a bespoke matching service to assist manufacturers, architects and designers to match any colour scheme and surface finish.

The ingenious technology behind Jesmonite AC730 allows users and manufacturers to create large scale decorative finishes that offer major weight reductions whilst maintaining high levels of impact resistance and flexibility, making Jesmonite AC730 the ideal material for external cladding panels.

Unlike traditional sand and cement products, Jesmonite AC730 has reduced free-lime content, with low alkalinity, which leads to major reductions in efflorescence so that surface remains consistent in appearance over time.

“To date this is the largest redevelopment project that we have undertaken with Jesmonite AC730 to create lightweight, externally durable cladding panels. The AC730 material not only gives us a consistent colour and stone finish, but also allows for quicker de-mould times due to its rapid setting abilities in comparison to traditional concrete materials. Jesmonite AC730 is our material choice for all large scale cladding projects”.

Rob Shand
Simplicity Specialist Finishes Ltd