The most asked questions about Jesmonite materials…Your questions answered!

Many hobbyists, artists, and architects regularly ask us questions about which type of Jesmonite is best to use for exciting ideas and unique projects!

We love hearing from you across our social platforms and are so intrigued by what you are using our popular materials for.

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions answered for you….

Can I make candles from Jesmonite?

Both Jesmonite AC100 and AC730 are fire-resistant. So, candles can be made from them. However, the Jesmonite Sealers have not been flame-tested, so it is advised that customers need to investigate further and run their own tests. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make a candle using Jesmonite.

How can I avoid air bubbles?

The best practise when casting is to sieve the powder into the liquid and mix using a Jesmonite High Sheer Mixing Blade.

Is Jesmonite Flame-Proof?

Both Jesmonite AC100 and AC730 are fire-resistant

Is Jesmonite food safe?

None of the Jesmonite products have been food safety tested. Customers would need to do their own research into food-safe sealers.

Is Jesmonite waterproof?

Jesmonite products are not waterproof. However, the sealers will provide water and stain resistance.

Can I make plant pots from Jesmonite?

It is possible to make plant pots from Jesmonite products. However, as they aren’t waterproof, it is advised that they be lined with a plastic plant pot or, alternatively, used for decorative plants.

How can I prevent marks on the surface of AC100 when I de-mould it?

The timing of the de-mould is key with Jesmonite, as it tends to sweat in the mould if left too long, which will result in marks on the finished surface. As a result of the exothermic reaction, Jesmonite will get warm as it cures. Wait until it has cooled before de-moulding.

Are Jesmonite sealers flame-proof?

We have not come across burn-proof sealers, there may be something viable on the market, but customers would need to investigate further and run their own tests.

We at Jesmonite are here to support you with your creative endeavours and are keen to hear about them. If you still need more help, feel free to check out our FAQ page or contact us – but remember to bookmark this page to refer to whenever you need it!