World Environment Day

Our planet is very important!

It is, after all, the place where we live and the only home we’ve got – so doesn’t it make sense to look after it?

Climate change, conservation, pollution, and the need to make a positive difference are probably more important in today’s world than at any time in our history.

Making a difference

Protecting our world is something we take extremely seriously at Jesmonite, and we would like to tell you about the latest steps we have in place to ensure we continue to do what we can as a company to help make that difference.

You will already be aware that our product is an environmentally friendly alternative to building materials and resin-based products, but we are now also focussing on our packaging. These include:

  • Packaging our starter kits in recyclable cardboard for delivery.
  • Eliminating the plastic buckets used as containers to deliver our Jesmonite AC100.

What does it mean?

By the end of this year, we estimate that 95% of the work we send out from our factory will no longer be in plastic buckets – doing away with about 26,000 of these non-recyclable items. Instead, we are packaging our AC100 in plastic bags which are fully recyclable.

Our starter kits have proved extremely popular, and the interest is growing all the time, which made the switch to cardboard even more important for us – a greener alternative more in line with our thinking and the needs of our environment.

A special day

World Environment Day is a great opportunity for all of us to take a little time out and think about what we can do to help address the global issues we face.

The mantra of Environment Day is Act, Innovate and Implement with the focus on several areas, including:

  • Climate change.
  • Conservation and restoration.
  • Food production.
  • Plastic pollution.

This special day will also be trying to get more people involved in The Great Global Clean up – a world-wide campaign aimed at reducing waste and plastic pollution, removing billions of pieces of rubbish from our parks, rivers, beaches, and communities, and improving habitats for animals and humans.

Whatever your plans are for June 6th, 2022, make sure you spare a little time to think about World Environment Day and what you can do to help our environment. We will be doing just that!