Urban Artisan makes Jesmonite sound even better with Bluetooth speaker

A Dubai-based company which ships Jesmonite products worldwide has been working hard to create a global first. Known for their unique catalogue of homeware including Terrazzo candles and scents, lamps, marble geometric plant pots and Meta pots and planters – Urban Artisan have been in business for two years and have now gone a step further with their collection. They’ve combined their love of Jesmonite and electrical items to create a Bluetooth speaker and lamp in one.

A unique experience

The incredible Jesmonite Bluetooth Speaker is the first of its kind and comes with 360 degree sound. It also doubles as a beautiful futuristic dimmable table lamp with a spiralised Edison bulb – aiming for the perfect listening experience, whatever sounds the owner is playing. Isam Bakir from Urban Artisan said he was very proud of the creation.

“We are particularly proud of the fact that this dual-feature creation combines an exceptional visual and audio experience – something an average Bluetooth speaker is really not capable of,” he said.

“The SolidSound360 provides an immersive, omnidirectional listening experience, the likes of which hasn’t been seen before. It means the speakers send soundwaves out in every direction, so you don’t have to be in a specific spot for an optimal listening experience.

“It has been created using Jesmonite, which is ideal to achieve unique finishes.

“The material’s lightweight nature makes it perfect for use in our portable speaker and table lamp. Weighing just 850g, users can simply transport it anywhere they want to use it.”

All around sound

The secret to achieving this 360 degree sound is the product’s innovative crystal diamond, which listeners will notice is elegantly suspended in the middle of the speaker, underneath the woofer. This diamond has the optimal shape to efficiently disperse the music in all directions. There are also specific speakers for mid to high range frequencies and low frequencies placed underneath the metal base of the glass cylinder and on top of the cylinder.

Growing collection

Urban Artisan makes handcrafted homeware and personalised decor. They offer unique furniture, decorating and lifestyle items to grace any home or office. Their Jesmonite pots and planters collection features a wide range of marble finish shapes and colours and has to be seen to be believed!

For more information or to see their collection here.