Tech-enabled Jesmonite candles – by our amazing brand ambassador


Scented candles, but tech enabled to play a complementing soundtrack.

Imagine the atmosphere.

And that ability to complete and add value to life is the bespoke, handmade product of our newest Jesmonite brand ambassador.

Complement Candles, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, uses Jesmonite to create their eco-luxury because the eco-friendly nature of our water-based product is an important business ethos, and the material is easily customised to create exactly what the customer wants.

And we think their work is amazing!

Despite having a background in economic and finance, founder Amrit Muralidharan has been making waves in the creative world.

“Complement Candles launched in April 2022, and it has grown a lot – with a lot more growth yet to come,” he said.

“During the pandemic, I realised I was using candles a lot, and this was one of the most consumed things at the time.

“I knew there were so many candle brands out there and tried to think of a way my company could be different. Most candle brands aren’t necessarily eco-friendly; glass jars are not eco-friendly, and there is waste when you use styrofoam plastic – I felt the need to have one that is sustainable.

“I had the idea and was looking for a material that was sustainable and customisable – I found Jesmonite, and it was perfect. When I found out it was made of gypsum, I was hooked.

“It is so easy to use, it is the most special part of the products we make.”

The scented candles can be linked to specially devised Spotify playlists and have NFC chips which enables the customer to find out the exact village the wax in their candle came from or collect loyalty points.

Amrit aims to offer customisation to the consumer at an affordable price.

Before launching his business, he was studying to become an investment banker or venture capitalist and ran a social enterprise solving agricultural problems.

But now he’s won the Shell Malaysia LiveWIRE award, completed a course at the Founder Institute and is creating a PR kit for Malaysian artist Yuna.

“One thing that amazes me is the ability to customise Jesmonite,” he added.

“We are able to use glass and plastic waste from rivers and railways to mix with Jesmonite and create products too, anything could be done I think.

“I am so pleased to be a new brand ambassador – I want to show people the potential of Jesmonite. There is a huge craft community in Asia and a lot of talented people.

I am going to shout about the eco credentials of the material, show people it’s repurposability, and show them the ways you can customise it too.

“It is the only material that I can test and see in just 20 minutes if it works.”

Complement Candle is expanding globally and is currently fundraising and getting investors to help make this happen.

For more information about them or their products, visit their website or follow them on Instagram or TikTok.