Stac is using Jesmonite to make lamps!


Here at Jesmonite we love to see the different ways artists are using Jesmonite and we think these lamps have a really cool aesthetic.

Stac is a brand by Studio Juanita’s based in Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain. ‘It is a curated collection of design products made with 3D printing and craftsman techniques for design-savvy people and anyone who enjoys aesthetic products.’

Joana and her colleague, Mauro, co-founded Studio Juanita’s. ‘After +4 years working for clients worldwide, we realised we wanted to create our own products. Having the knowledge and resources to do so, we created the brand Stac.’

‘We follow many designers online and try to be up to date with what other designers are up to. We first heard about Jesmonite when Lautaro Lucero ( used it in some of his products and always had it in the back of our minds that we wanted to make something with Jesmonite.’

The 01 Lamp is the first of many planned drops by Stac. They wanted to fuse ‘3D printing techniques with other craftsmanship techniques. The lamp is entirely 3D-printed, except for the base. We wanted a strong and solid material that could support the lamp. Initially, we made prototypes with a variety of cement blends, but we weren’t completely sold since cement isn’t environmentally friendly. That’s when we considered the Jesmonite products. We did some digging and found the White Marble AC730 Jesmonite and decided to use it for the base of the lamp.’

They created a mould by 3D printing the ‘negative’. Then, ‘thanks to two wonderful @bambulab_official P1Ps, they were able to test and prototype this negative and iterate until we finally had a perfect mould.’

‘Initially, we wanted a more porous finish and considered using the acid-etch method. However, we were already very happy with the natural finish and kept it as is. We only used a bit of plasticizer to make it a bit more liquid, since we have wording details on the back of the base and wanted to make sure that the Jesmonite got into all the crevasses.’

‘This is our first Jesmonite application in our business, but having been super impressed by the performance and the finish, we want to continue using the material for other applications in the near future. We plan on launching drops every 2-3 months and will include Jesmonite in our products when opportune. ‘

Their inspiration comes from ‘simplicity and usability. We see value in products that look simple yet are so well thought out. We like functional design. Our sources of inspiration include Fumie Shibata, Naoto Fukasawa, Dieter Rams and other small designers like Lautaro Lucero.’

‘Our ultimate inspiration is to design for functionality. We design for use—we want people to actually use our products. And at the same time, make these products beautiful to look at.’

Joana and Maura at Stac have some great plans and we are really looking forward to seeing the next creations and designs they come up with. You can follow them on Instagram and you can visit their design studio’s website.

You can currently shop for the 01 Lamp on their website – Joana and Maura are offering 10% off any orders using code JESM10.