Spotify hands out awards made from Jesmonite – and coffee!

Spotify award made from Jesmonite

Spotify has been handing out specially commissioned awards made from Jesmonite – and coffee!

The digital music service used by more than 500 million people across the world sought out a Singapore business which specialises in using our material.

Spotify Singapore Asia approached Bernie Ang and Amanda Tay at Brambe and asked them to redesign an acrylic award they’d used previously in Jemsonite.

And Brambe did just that – in only three weeks from concept to completion.

Bernie said: “They had made acrylic awards before but they knew our brand and that we would be able to customise designs for their trophies.

“They gave us an image of an acrylic trophy they originally had and asked us if we could do it in Jesmonite.

“That was their brief, otherwise they left it up to us really.

“We made the mould and decided to put ground coffee in it too as we like how the effect is, it blends in well with the marble effect and we prioritise upcycling waste at Brambe – making terrazzo out of plastic waste or coffee grounds like this.”

The green (obviously, for Spotify!)  trophies were handed out to employees in the sales department for hitting targets and other fun milestones.

Bernie said Spotify were very happy with the result and the recipients were delighted too, so much that Brambe may have a chance to work with the music streaming company again in the future.

In fact, Brambe is somewhat of an awards and trophy specialist now.

When we last spoke to them they were creating their very first award – a trophy for the Singapore environmental award Clean Up South West in February 2022 (you can read more about that here!).

Since then, they have been approached to create trophies for corporate companies across Singapore and beyond.

Amanda said: “We are making trophies and awards a lot more now.

“We are known for our talent in product customisation for corporate companies, it seems to be our specialty now!

“We’ve made lots of trophies for companies, but also table tops, name plaques and many other things.”

Brambe is described by Amanda and Bernie as the love child of an architect and an environmentalist. It was set up in June 2021 and is part of the Zero Waste Testbed Initiative which is supported by National University of Singapore (NUS), SembWaste and South West CDC.

The company also sells a variety of items like coasters, trays, pots, laptop stands and organisers – each one containing waste material.

It could be coffee grounds and tea leaves collected from a local cafe or plastic cleaned up from the beach.

The pair make everything handmade from scratch – Bernie creates the 3D designs, they then make their own moulds and create products using Jesmonite while incorporating wastes.

For more information on Brambe visit the website or follow them on Instagram or Tik Tok.