Even before the new distributor had their stock, people in India are talking about Jesmonite

Even before BohriAli in India advertised the fact they were going to become official distributors of Jesmonite, they’ve been inundated with requests. Yusuf Hakim, the fourth generation to run his family business, only heard about Jesmonite at the start of the year, but already it’s a huge part of their business. “People are very pleased, we haven’t even spoken about becoming Jesmonite distributors yet but the excitement is palpable,” he said. “The fact we have been listed on the website and had a small order of it, it’s just gone absolutely ballistic.

“We posted sample projects on our Insta Stories and we are loving the interaction we have had with it, it is a very exciting time and has been a lot of fun already.”

BohriAli is the first distributor in India and will offer Jesmonite to its 50,000 users from all walks of life. They have built up a big community of people in the creative industry since taking their decades of experience in the industry online in 2015. But the family business has been working in paints for 130 years. “We are creators by hand, we love to try out the material and we love Jesmonite,” Yusuf added. “We love the product because some of the shortcomings we have with epoxy resin can be totally overcome.

“You can’t use that with children and it needs a controlled environment, no matter how safe you make it, it’s never going to be as safe as Jesmonite.

“We’re also looking at the 3D aspect now, for which Jesmonite offers a lot of opportunities.

“And others take 24 hours to cure, this takes half an hour. “It is an automatic add on to our portfolio, we have a ready made audience for it and we already sell silicone to make moulds, it is just the perfect add on.”

An artist from their online community first suggested Jesmonite to BohriAli in December. Since then Yusuf and his team have, as they always do, tried the product before offering to their customers. And since making their sample products they have plans to try bigger Jesmonite projects, making furniture. So if anyone who buys Jesmonite from BohriAli has any questions, the team there can answer them and help with after sale care as well.

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