Our latest Jesmonite ambassador has had a whirlwind start to her business – and we love it!

Just five months after launching her business Tash Yuen has become a Jesmonite ambassador! That is how mesmerising and outstanding her work is. The 23-year-old from Surrey creates homeware and sells through her brand Lemon Crush Studio. Her handmade, hand painted items have sold across the world, with commissions from shops in Brighton, Colorado in the USA and France. She got her first starter pack in April 2021 and launched her business just four months later.


“It has been crazy,” she said

“I have been noticed online by different accounts and I am just very grateful.

“It has been such a whirlwind and I never expected it to take off like it has.

“It is just surreal that it all starts off with me – I find it incredible how I make everything from scratch, it starts in my hands doing the mixing, pouring and painting – then travels so far away.

“I thought I would end up with a 9-5 job, but it has been crazy since I launched and I just feel very grateful.”

Tash was approached to become a Jesmonite ambassador after her intricate and beautiful designs were spotted online. She said she was very surprised to be in this position so soon – but hopes it will help her reach a bigger audience and expand her reach to as many countries as possible.

Discovering Jesmonite

Tash graduated from a Graphic Design degree at Bath Spa in 2020 and felt burnt out. Her course involved screen based work and she wanted to get back to physical, hand made things. After making jewellery, painting plant pots and experimenting with concrete, her search for a more eco-friendly material led her to Jesmonite.

“I wanted to do something different, have a creative outlet, so I tried a few things,” she said.

“Jesmonite just ticked all the boxes for me.

“There was lots of learning along the way, of processes and how I could incorporate design into my handmade products.

“It was a really exciting time and has been just as exciting since.

“I love the variety of Jesmonite, the measuring, mixing and colour pallets available, it is all therapeutic.

“There is also no waste, I can use all my scraps and that is very important to me.

“Being able to run a business from it is not something I ever imagined but it is great!”

Why Tash as a Jesmonite ambassador?

Tash has an incredible collection. Her unique pieces are handmade with love and care – and we think that really shows. Many of her pieces have a Japanese influence, block colours, foil and metal elements and hand painted flowers – they are all of such a high standard and so visually appealing. They just jumped out of the computer to us here at Jesmonite and we simply love them.

Katy, Jesmonite marketing consultant, said: “I love Tash’s use of colour. she stands out from the busy crowd as her work is so unique.

“When you scroll on #Jesmonite you know which images are by Tash because of her own painted designs onto the Jesmonite products.”

Tash will launch a new collection including different products, designs and colours in the New Year – so watch this space!

To find out more about her visit her Instagram and Etsy shop.

Welcome to the team, Tash!