Our Jesmonite Starter Kit has proved a huge success during lockdown

Here at Jesmonite we are thrilled to say that a kit we launched has helped people keep positive during lockdown. The Jesmonite Starter Kit, which encourages people to try a new creative product, has been more popular than we imagined, with sales increasing more than tenfold in lockdown. Over 1,600 Jesmonite starter kits, for people to try out our multi-purpose flexible material have been sold since they launched in August 2019. In December 2020 we sold 431, compared to 37 in December the year before, an increase of 1065%.

Jesmonite staff have been working incredibly hard to meet the demand of both the starter kits and other orders coming in. Tim Sharman, Sales Director of Jesmonite, believes lockdown has meant people are searching for new creative ideas and had the time to try something new, which drove sales. He said: “We are thrilled with how popular the Jesmonite starter kits have been. “It is proving a great entertainment for people to try something new, for a beginner or those keen to explore Jesmonite further. “With many art studios shut, those in the creative industries have found this is a great way to produce art from their home and we have also heard of quite a few new businesses selling products made of Jesmonite launching this last year too. “We are thrilled that our product is helping people keep occupied, learn something new and stay positive during lockdown.” You can see some examples of how our eco-friendly material has been used in the brand ambassador gallery here.

Our Marketing Consultant Katy Williams saw the potential of social media. A post about the Starter Kit on TikTok got people worldwide liking, commenting, and emailing asking how to get one. The videos have been viewed around 24,000 times. She said: “We have seen a lot of interest on our social media platforms, people wanting to try new things and see what they can do with Jesmonite at home. “We also have tutorials and tips on how to make your own coasters with the product on our YouTube channel.”

The starter kit includes everything needed to make four coasters, including pigments, reusable silicone moulds, and step-by-step instructions. In each pack there is AC100 Liquid, Jesmonite Base, three pigments, stirring sticks, two re-usable coaster moulds, nitrile gloves and instructions. They can be bought from any Jesmonite distributor here.