New Jesmonite distributor in Belgium

Unicraft, based near Hasselt in Belgium, is a wholesaler who has started to distribute Jesmonite packs to major companies in the two countries.

Well known shops.

Through Unicraft, Jesmonite is now available in well known shops in Belgium like De Banier in Flanders and Creacorner, Brussels – as well as Zodio and Graine Créative in France. Two types of packages will be available – one similar to the kit you can buy direct from Jesmonite here, and a slighter bigger kit with 1 litre of liquid and 2.5kg of powder, which would make a tray and coasters. Peter Aerts, owner and managing director of Unicraft said it was a very exciting time for his company.

Perfect fit

He said: “Our business sells products that you have to use to make something else – that is the core element – and Jesmonite fits perfectly with this.

“I hadn’t heard of it until a client, who had bought it abroad, asked for it. I looked it up and saw that it would be a great surplus for our product range.

“We are packaging the raw materials up into what our customers will sell and there is a big demand for it, we have had daily enquiries for weeks.

“We are excited to get it into big chain stores, who themselves were eager to stock Jesmonite and we think it will be a big success in Belgium and France – we hope Jesmonite will become around 10 to 20% of our business.” Unicraft, which launched in 2020, was the amalgamation of three wholesalers into one company.


They don’t sell direct to the public, but to signed up buyers in large quantities who sell on, hold workshops and provide tutorials.

“We find Jesmonite to be good because the weight is lower, the quality is better and the white is whiter,” Peter added.

“It is very easy to make with, for someone who wants to craft, it is the easiest way to make something.” Dorien Denivel, Unicraft’s digital marketing coordinator, said she has seen the buzz online for Jesmonite and had lots of questions from eager customers.


“It is great for Unicraft, it is a very nice new product which gives us opportunities to explore new markets and customers,” she said.

“We have had lots of traffic to the Jesmonite page of the Unicraft website and lots of questions on social media.

“People are very excited to buy it from us and we are very excited to see what they do with it and start reposting from customers.”

For more information on Unicraft visit the website.