Local designer brightening up meal times with Jesmonite creations

A designer based not far from the Jesmonite HQ is brightening up meal times with creations made from the material which she loves. Elise Fisher works under the name Ellery Fitz and is a food designer, making products that elevate the dining experience, making it more fun and interactive. And Elise from Oswestry, Shropshire, creates her masterpieces just 31 miles from where Jesmonite is created for people all over the world – in Bishop’s Castle.

Elise hopes to make people think about what they are eating with products such as a 2m x 1m dining room table embedded with different shapes, creating a big game board, using tableware as playing pieces – like snakes and ladders played with wine glasses. The 25-year-old also creates table mats and coasters with funny quotes and bright colours that remind diners about table manners to liven up the table. She graduated with a Masters in Design from University of the West of England in Bristol in 2020, where she first started working with Jesmonite and question how food and design can be applied to one another.

“It is the perfect material to use to replicate different materials and textures in a different manner,” she said.

“I love how quickly the process can be, I’m always thinking of new ideas and I love that you can think up an idea, make up the mold and test with Jesmonite straight away.

“I can constantly try something new and don’t have to limit myself to one product.

“I work with different processes, mediums and materials, Jesmonite compliments this way of working.”

Some of the dinner time products designed by Elise are used at Sebastian’s restaurant in Oswestry, which her parents own. There you will find Jesmonite table decorations, created in her studio just across the road.

“My whole family are very pleased I got my studio space, just as much as me,” Elise said.

“My work had been at home until then, where I live with my parents and two brothers.

“My work was in the lounge, dining room and all moulds in my bedroom, including equipment like a kiln and pottery wheel.

“But one of the great things about Jesmonite is that you don’t need any high tech equipment.

“Everyone can work with Jesmonite at home, it is not going to block any drains, ruin any kitchen surfaces and it’s non toxic.

“I need to offer something people can’t do in their kitchen. It keeps you on your toes, it is really interesting to follow on social media and see what people are doing.”

Elise continues to experiment with Jesmonite, combining it with ‘endless amounts of materials’. She hopes to explore further how Jesmonite can replicate other different materials and look like different surfaces. In her new defined role, making products to elevate the dining experience, Elise is a front runner and will continue to expand her offering made of Jesmonite.

“We all eat. Why not do it in ways that are social, meaningful and most importantly, fun?” Elise added.

“More and more people are eating alone, rushing meal times or consuming their dinner slumped on the sofa.“

“The eating experience is being under-appreciated with little attention focused on the external factors impacting the dining experience.”

“I design and manufacture physical objects which foster engagement, interaction and appreciation during mealtimes.”

Elise also works on luxury dining trains Saphos and Statesman run by Locomotive Services. She hopes to provide Jesmonite dining products for the train at some point in the future too. For more information about Elise or to see the products she offers visit her Website or follow her on Instagram.