Jesmonite launches in Slovakia for the first time.

The number of creatives – including artists, architects and many more professions – using Jesmonite across the world is rapidly increasing. We have distributors based all over the globe as the word about how great our water based, eco friendly and versatile resin is spreading, so too is the number of people who want to become official distributors. And when we sign up a new distributor we really want to shout about it. We’re delighted to welcome Michal Benkovic to the Jesmonite team. Michal is the latest distributor of Jesmonite – and the first in Slovakia. He will sell a wide range of products through his family-run company Epoxy.

“We like new challenges and that is why we are constantly increasing what we offer,” he said.

“We mainly sell to architects, sculptors, designers, artists and primarily domestic artists and we wanted to increase the range of products they could work with.

“We discovered Jesmonite and thought it was a great material that more people could make use of so decided to start distributing to Slovakia.

“Jesmonite is great, mainly because it is easy to work with, harmless to the person using it and environmentally friendly too.

“Since using it, we have found that we can create an unlimited amount of products.

“Our customers have a huge interest in Jesmonite and we are very excited to be their distributor of Jesmonite.”

Here at Jesmonite we’re thrilled to have Michal on board and for the possibilities this brings to the people in Slovakia. Having a local distributor makes a big difference to the people who use our product – reducing the costs involved in getting their hands on Jesmonite and also how long it takes to reach them. You never know, we may see new businesses making Jesmonite products popping up across these great countries too! Epoxy is a well established company and has been dealing with resins since 1990. To find out more visit their website here.