Young creative is putting Jesmonite on the construction industry map

A young woman is not only going to show people what you can make with Jesmonite, but also who can make it.

28-year-old Mary Little is one of the few women in the plastering world. She uses Jesmonite to create the exteriors of houses and other elements in the construction industry.

And we are delighted to introduce you to Mary as our newest brand ambassador!

She gives her followers an insight into life in the workshop and just how projects go from concept to completion – and she’s also eager to test the boundaries of Jesmonite in the construction world!

We think her work is incredible, and it’s a great showcase of what can be achieved with our eco-friendly chameleon material, so of course we wanted Mary as a Jesmonite ambassador!

Mary is hoping to show more people just how this eco-friendly material can be used.

“I love being creative, if someone says I bet you can’t make that, then I love the challenge of it,” she said.

“Every day is different. We make a plan, and I love seeing the process from plan to reality.

“In the plaster moulding world, we are so traditional. People think plasterwork can’t go outside – it can’t, but Jesmonite can. The possibilities are endless.

“Jesmonite is a lot different from plaster, you can build with it and make window surrounds and all sorts – external features, decorative bits and stonework restoration.

“People don’t think of Jesmonite for restoration and on buildings, they think of little products.  But because it is such a diverse material, its versatility means you can do so many things.

“I am hoping to show people that you can use Jesmonite in everyday building work.”

Mary said it was a shock to be asked to be an ambassador, but she is very excited about the role.

She works at her dad’s business, Plaster Mouldings Direct, which has been based in Virginia Water in Surrey since it began in 1991 – but the company completes projects across the country.

They often work on historic houses and listed buildings, and Mary said it was always destined for her to end up working there – despite being the only woman in the workshop.

“When I was young, I watched my dad and brother every weekend. I was always into art and creating but not interested in much else at school,” she said.

“I used to come to the yard with my dad, I loved making bits and bobs out of his huge collection of little decorative moulds. One day I picked up a splash brush and gave real casting a go, he said I wasn’t too bad at it. They taught me everything I know – it takes years and years to master it but recently we have really stepped up the game.

“It is such a male-dominated industry. A lot of women think they can’t do this, but I can, so why can’t you?

“I am a woman, but I can build massive structures out of this compound. You can do anything, you’ve just got to get out there and be confident.”

Mary said she is looking forward to using her ambassadorship to show people how exciting Jesmonite can be in construction and just how much you can do with it.

She is eager to start ‘mixing it up’ and using Jesmonite in ways people don’t think of.

“I want to start using colour, imagine a pink Jesmonite window surround or an external copper effect ceiling rose!” she added.

“I want to mix it up. I want to make funky designs and exteriors for the construction industry.”

You will be able to follow Mary as an ambassador on her LinkedIn profile here.

You can also find out more on her Instagram page or more about Plaster Mouldings Direct at their website.