It’s what Americans have been waiting for… introducing our first US distributor!

American distributor

Welcome to the very first Jesmonite distributor in America!

We are excited to introduce to you the Washington-based company that will sell Jesmonite directly to the eager public and in bulk to other businesses.

If you’re buying as a creative, you’re looking for FTC Creative, which has been set up especially to sell Jesmonite to excited creatives in the US who have been waiting patiently for this!

If you’re buying as a business, head to Foremost Tarp, a distribution company with over 30 years’ experience.

Jesmonite has had many inquiries about a distributor in America over the years, so let’s meet the lucky people in that position.

Many people want Jesmonite in America

Jen and Zach Ross are the husband and wife team ready to bring Jesmonite to America.

They first discovered the eco-friendly material on TikTok during the COVID lockdown in 2020, and they’ve been dreaming of their company being a distributor ever since.

“I kept coming across products made with Jesmonite and looking at what people created with it, so I wanted to try it out, but I couldn’t find anyone in the US that sold it,” Jen said.

“I spotted the line on the website saying to get in touch if you wanted to be a distributor, I emailed to explore based on how interesting the product was and how many people here wanted it.

“We were in touch then, but put it on hold while the world went mad for Jesmonite – the company is run very similar to mine in that way to make sure you’re taking care of your existing customers before shooting for more.”

The wholesale distribution company, which has a 30,000 square foot warehouse, prides itself on customer service, which is key to success and a core value for them.

They only provide premium products and Jesmonite fits very well with this –

They are not only excited to have secured distribution, but they are also very excited to be the first in the US!


“We are over the moon excited!” Jen added.

“We love the potential of Jesmonite and it is a really nice fit with the channels we already have in place, the wholesale space and logistics – and we already fulfil online orders for customers out of our warehouse for other companies, so selling direct to the public will fit really well too.

“Most of what we currently work with is seasonal, so this everyday product will be an amazing addition and will have a big impact on our business.”

Zach added: “We’re excited to bring Jesmonite to the wholesale and retail channels we already service and spotlight it at upcoming trade shows.

“Business customers are always looking for new and innovative products.

“Jesmonite fits the bill perfectly, and being eco-friendly makes it even more exciting.

“There is such a buzz about Jesmonite being in America, and we hope to have an impact on other businesses too by providing it to them.”

Jen wasted no time in trying out the material. She was first attracted to the green credentials of the water-based product, but since experimenting with it, she realised there were even more reasons to love Jesmonite.

Versatility and creativity

“The versatility of the product is great,” she said.

“They call Jesmonite the chameleon material, it totally is a chameleon material – I walk around the hardware store looking at different products and see if I can use it differently!

“I love the creativity it offers, when we use it, I like to see everyone’s minds working and I’m mind-blown when I see what people are making out of Jesmonite.

“And it’s so easy to use too, an entry-level person can do it but also true artisans are creating with it – Jesmonite is a medium that is so approachable from every angle and any talent can use it.

“I am so excited to see more Americans using it and I hope people who don’t think they are creative can continue working with the product and realise they can be with this!”

For more information about FTC Creative, visit their website or follow them on Instagram or TikTok.

For businesses, visit the Foremost Tarp website and follow them on Instagram.