A new Jesmonite European hub

Jesmonite is now easier to order and quicker to deliver for people across Europe – not to mention even better for the environment.

We have changed our working practices and set up the first Jesmonite hub worldwide.

European hub

The European hub is based in Belgium and launched this year – it is the perfect answer to problems distributors were having since Brexit and comes with a lot of other benefits too.

The hub is run by Unicraft – a distributor of hobby products across France and Belgium – which takes delivery of orders for all distributors across Europe.

Peter Aerts, owner and managing director of Unicraft, said: “There is a lot of paperwork with importing from abroad since Brexit, smaller distributors had problems importing everything themselves.

“We had a big space available – 1,000 square metres – so becoming a European hub made a lot of sense.

“It helps all parties involved – Jesmonite, Unicraft and other distributors.”

Reduced costs

Before the hub was launched Jesmonite made 20-30 small deliveries a month to Europe – now one big lorry is delivered to Unicraft each month carrying 26 pallets – 25,000kg – of Jesmonite. This figure is expected to rise to 50,000kg later this year.

Unicraft then decants the product and delivers it to 28 other distributors across the European Union area as well as Malta, Cyprus, Switzerland and more.

Not only does this keep transport costs down – it also keeps emissions down and is kinder to the environment.

Quicker delivery

This new way of delivering Jesmonite has many other benefits too – it means improved delivery times.

The hub can guarantee same week delivery in France and Belgium and next week delivery to other areas of Europe.

This is a huge reduction on previous lead times for Jesmonite orders.

And that’s not all, Unicraft has made some further changes of their own.

Social economy and improved environmentally friendly packaging

When Unicraft decant the Jesmonite delivery, they do so via a social economy scheme called Intesa.

Disabled people working as part of the scheme decant the product, put labels on it and even fill new smaller 10ml pigment bottles by hand.

The packaging it has been decanted into is new as well!

Instead of buckets, powder now comes in a fully recyclable screw-top bottle (which can be recycled a further 25 times) – meaning the eco-friendly product is now in more eco-friendly packaging.

Peter added: “We are a big wholesaler in a little country.

“We developed new labels designed for commercial rather than industrial use, they are easy to use for a store with a barcode on each, more eye catching with examples of products you can make on the packaging, and it comes in four languages – either German, French, English and Dutch or French, Spanish, Italian and English.

More choice of products

“Unicraft has also developed 4 new micro starter kits, 14 new regular starter kits and 3 new maxi starter kits which European distributors can choose and sell to their customers.

“We do themed kits such as Easter, Halloween, and autumn too.

“It has been a lot of work but very exciting and makes a huge difference to many people.”

The European Hub is up and running smoothly and we are so proud – Jesmonite distribution now accounts for half of the Unicraft business, and the firm took on three new people to be able to deliver this project too.

How exciting!

Look out for new hubs in other areas of the world to make it easier and cheaper to get your hands on Jesmonite.