Creatives set to learn more about Jesmonite thanks to

New brand ambassador work -

Jesmonite customers are set to learn more about our eco-friendly chameleon material thanks to a new brand ambassador in the Philippines. – pronounced ‘hokmah’ – will begin sharing their best tips and techniques as the first official brand ambassador in Asia.

They will use their ambassadorship to tell more people about Jesmonite and educate creatives on the variety of ways the material can be used.

The company, whose name means Divine Wisdom in Hebrew, was started by Joyce Orallo Lim in Singapore in 2020 before her brother Mark Brian Orallo joined in 2023 and expanded into the Philippines.

Mark said: “I’m absolutely thrilled and honoured to be the first ambassador for Jesmonite in Asia.

“It is a unique material that may not be widely known in our country, and I want to passionately introduce and educate people about its extraordinary characteristics and diverse range of uses.

“Through a combination of behind-the-scenes content and pouring videos or reels, I showcase a variety of techniques. I will continue to share these techniques, enabling people to explore the limitless possibilities this material offers and fostering a community of learners eager to unlock their creativity with Jesmonite.

“As a dynamic sibling team, we are dedicated to crafting exceptional creations using Jesmonite.”

Chokmah creates eco-friendly sustainable home decor for restaurants, corporate gifts, and wedding event giveaways, among many other products.

Their collection includes a diverse range of colours and styles to meet whatever a customer desires.

Here at Jesmonite, we think their vibrant creations are incredible, and we couldn’t wait to sign them up as our next ambassador! We believe they showcase a great array of ways Jesmonite can be used in terms of colour, finish, and texture, as well as the variety of products they create.

Mark first came across our material when he was studying for his Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture and looking for a sustainable building design material.

“As soon as I discovered Jesmonite, I was truly captivated by its innovative properties and potential applications,” he added.

“When I had the opportunity to work hands-on with Jesmonite and explore its creative possibilities, I instantly developed a deep passion and love for it.

“Jesmonite is an eco-friendly and non-toxic material. I loved that you can reuse every single bit of it.

“At we recycle, recast, and upcycle everything we use here. In fact, we have our Broken Made Whole collection, which is specifically designed with sustainability in mind. The collection draws inspiration from our own lives. Each broken piece represents the challenges and obstacles in our lives, but when you take these broken pieces, with the right support and skilful hands, what was once broken can be transformed into something useful, beautiful, and entirely new.” will soon be running Jesmonite workshops in the Philippines, and you can find more information about the company and their products by visiting their website.

You can also follow the brand ambassadors on Instagram in Singapore or the Philippines or on Tiktok in Singapore or the Philippines.