Our hashtag has reached 400 thousand posts!


At the beginning of our 40th year, the magic number is 400,000!

We’re thrilled to see over 400 thousand posts on our Instagram hashtag #Jesmonite, this is a huge milestone for us! Our feed is bursting with colour and creativity – Thanks to all of the Jesmonite creatives!

We look at #Jesmonite every day!

So, thank you! You lighten up all of our days when we see reels and pictures of all the beautiful pieces made with our materials.

Keep hash-tagging!


It is so inspiring when we see what you are making and trying to do with Jesmonite materials! Whether it be adding glass, terrazzo, and shells to your Jesmonite for the first time, mixing pigments to create new colours, or branching out into our cement range, it is so amazing to see.

We love our Jesmonite community and seeing how many of you creatives can learn from each other! The successes’ and the failures are so important for growth and inspiration!

It is a really informative and educational hashtag that we love to check! Check out our hashtag here – #Jesmonite

Around the world

Whether it’s our brand ambassador @pepperpleasestudio experimenting with Jesmonite and pushing it’s boundaries or @chokmah.ph from Singapore and their amazing terrazzo effect pieces, we love seeing the variety of work.

And then there is @twillandsage our newest brand ambassador and the first in the USA, and her one-of-a-kind home décor pieces inspired by the organic shapes, colours, and textures found in nature. When you need brightening up, @alexmariertistry can do just that with her neon designs from North Yorkshire in the UK.

People across the world are using the hashtag to share innovative ways to work with this water-based material, even teaching us at Jesmonite HQ a thing or two at times.


It was only a year ago that we were celebrating 300k #Jesmonite posts – The growth on #Jesmonite in such a short space of time is fantastic and it really shows how much everyone is enjoying using Jesmonite and that they are so proud to share their incredible creations!

So next time you post your lovely creations, don’t forget to hashtag #Jesmonite, because we want to see what you are making, and it will give you the chance to appear on the official Jesmonite feed!