Jesmonite Product Questions

Jesmonite products have been tested in accordance with EN 13501-1 under the harmonised Euroclass System of reaction to fire performance of building products which has been adopted by countries across Europe.

All Jesmonite products are water-based, non-solvent and contain no VOC's.

Jesmonite products are supplied as a 2 pack kit, containing a reactive mineral base and a pure water based acrylic liquid. To mix the two compounds together you will require a Jesmonite High-shear Mixing Blade. High-shear Mixing Blades are essential for the proper mixing of all Jesmonite composite materials. They are specifically designed for adding Jesmonite Base into Jesmonite Liquids. The mixing action reduces air bubbles and ensures that the mix is smooth and free from lumps. Two sizes are available, 65mm and 105mm for different mix sizes. They are made from stainless steel, and will attach to all conventional drills

It is not advised to use Jesmonite in either of these.

Jesmonite materials are non-solvent and contain zero VOCs, however, please be aware that we have not tested any Jesmonite products for food safety. Jesmonite material solutions can be used for decorative tableware; however, we would not recommend you place food or liquids onto the finished Jesmonite products.

To remove air bubbles on the Jesmonite material surface we would always recommend you brush a 1-2mm first layer of mixture into the mould first, before backing up with further Jesmonite material. The brushing technique will push out and remove air bubbles. You can also vibrate the first layer of the mixture to help the air escape from the surface. Watch this YouTube video for all the tips and tricks for eliminating air bubbles -

Jesmonite products are composite materials, a combination of a reactive mineral base and a pure water based acrylic resin.

Jesmonite products can be broken down into two categories; Acrylic Modified Gypsum Composites and Acrylic Modified Cementitious Composites (PGRC)

Here at Jesmonite we sell our products through a Distribution network, please find and contact your nearest official Jesmonite distributor here to place an order. Jesmonite distributors