General Creative Questions

All Jesmonite products can be pigmented to any colour required when used in conjunction with the Jesmonite Liquid Pigments. Please be aware that the Jesmonite Liquid Pigments are not fully UV stable and are not designed for external use, we recommend you use them for internal projects only. The Jesmonite Liquid Pigments are intermixable and can be mixed together to create any colour required. Pigments must be added to Jesmonite Liquids by weight before the Base is added and mixing commences. Pigments are added at a maximum of 2% by weight of the total mix, or 20grams/kilo of total mix (Base and Liquids). 20 grams will produce a strong, saturated colour. For lighter colours simply reduce the addition rate until the desired colour is achieved.   Jesmonite pigments in use -

We wouldn’t recommend placing Jesmonite products within a kiln or above 80 °C.

To clean the moulds after use, rinse with warm soapy water, and dry thoroughly before using again.

We have not yet come across burn-proof sealers, there may be something viable on the market, but they would need to investigate further and run their own tests. How to make a Jesmonite candle -

To bond cured Jesmonite materials you would need to investigate either an epoxy based adhesive or PU based adhesive. Most of our clients find that the 2 pack epoxy adhesives are stronger than the 1 pack adhesives.

Jesmonite products can be pigmented to any colour reference. Jesmonite can also mimic any texture and reproduce the effect of materials such as stone, metal, wood, leather and fabric.

High grade silicone moulds are predominantly used in conjunction with Jesmonite products due to the silicone offering high levels of flexibility whilst achieving increased ease of de-mould and fine detail replication. Rigid mould compounds including plaster, Jesmonite, GRP, metal, wood, and glass can be used in conjunction with Jesmonite products, however the mould surface would require a release wax/agent to be applied to assist the de-mould of cured Jesmonite products.

The most appropriate Jesmonite sealer for home ornaments would be Jesmonite Acrylic Sealer. Jesmonite Acrylic Sealer is a pure acrylic coating. It is durable, flexible, and UV resistant.   All your sealer questions answered here -

Jesmonite products are used within a wide range of decorative markets including craft, tableware, artwork, sculpture, lighting, furniture, marine vessels, film sets, architectural elements and cladding panels