You asked, we delivered – introducing three new Jesmonite Pigments!

New pigments

We’re so excited to introduce three stunning new pigments to our range; pink, purple, and orange!

Life is too beautiful for dullness, and the new trio of Pigments comes after many of our distributors let us know their customers were desperate for new colours. How could we say no?

To decide what exact colours to release, we asked our Instagram community what new pigments they wanted available via our stories. We had a whole host of responses, and pink, purple, and orange were by far the most requested.

The best bit? They’re available right now!

How can you use the Pigments?

We celebrate individuality and creativity at Jesmonite, and so much of that can be expressed through colour. Along with our three new colours, our existing Pigments range consists of white, black, blue, green, coade, terracotta, bright red, red oxide, bright yellow and yellow oxide.

All of our Pigments are water-based, non-hazardous and can be mixed together to create your desired shade, so make sure you have a colour chart to hand!

Just like the existing range, you can choose the intensity of colour with our new Pigments too. We recommend adding 2% Pigment of your total piece if you want full vibrancy, or start off with smaller drops (or even one dip of a cocktail stick) if you want a beautiful pastel shade.

Whatever Jesmonite material you’re working with, our Pigments are compatible. Just remember that none of our pigments are UV stable, so they may fade over time if you’re making outdoor projects. 

Don’t just take our word for it…

We asked our team members what they thought of our new colours and this is what they had to say:

“I love how strong the colours are.” – Lisa Biddulph, Operations Manager

“It is so easy to mix them to create my own colours! The best thing about Jesmonite Pigments is that they allow me to use my creativity to make different shades and hues, no colour is unachievable.” – Katy Williams, Marketing Manager

Celebrating 40 years of creativity

The launch of these Pigments just so happens to coincide with the month we turn 40!

It’s a wonderful way to celebrate how Jesmonite has grown over the past four decades and how we are constantly evolving thanks to our wonderful communities.

Get making now!

We can’t wait to see how you use our three new colours to brighten up their creations!

You can find information about our full range, including these new Pigments, our website, and you can purchase our materials from our authorised distributors.

Stuck for inspiration? Check out our Instagram and TikTok where we share plenty of creative ideas.