The launch of a new distributor in Korea after a search for a healthier lifestyle

Kaster brings Jesmonite to Korea, the launch of a new distributor after a search for a healthier lifestyle

The Jesmonite world continues to grow as we welcome a new distributor in Korea.

This partnership has developed as part of a search to help find a more environmentally friendly product to best serve arts, crafts, sculptors and architects in the country.

Junghwa Lee decided to launch Kaster to help with the health of both the artists and the earth in his country.

Safe and exciting to use

“The main reason I chose to introduce Jesmonite to Korea through Kaster is that it is a non-toxic material, and it means artists can work freely in a healthy environment,” Junghaw said.

“It has no VOC’s, is solvent-free and is a water-based medium so it is very good for the environment too.

“Many artists, sculptors and designers are in harmful working conditions to produce their artworks, so they tend to avoid the harmful sculpting medium, which

can make them ill or they can be allergic to.

“Furthermore, Jesmonite opens the remarkable opportunity to make the metal finish and stone finish in a very handy way with reliable qualities compared to the traditional ways.

“I strongly believe that this advanced technology drags us to another creating environments for young students to aged ones with great pleasure.”

Easy to use

Junghwa hopes that if people in Korea use Jesmonite to create art instead of plastic then there will be more diversity in the art there but also a bigger number of people going into the profession.

“I hope that through Jesmonite, creators who are no longer using mass-produced plastic objects in their daily life will be able to use this in their work,” she added.

“It is easy to use and anyone will be able to become creators really. I am very excited to see what people can make and how many new people start using Jesmonite as it’s easier to get hold of now.

“Jesmonite Korea supports creators to produce works and encourages bespoke objects with the sustainable creating environment for the future.”

To find out more about Jesmonite Korea and how you can order from them visit the newly launched website here.