Silgram brings Jesmonite to Greece for the first time

A new distributor has begun selling Jesmonite in Greece based on seeing the product first hand.

George Grammatopoulos has run Silgram for almost 25 years, selling silicone for mold making to architects and the creative industries.

He was introduced to Jesmonite and despite no one having asked him if he sold it, he decided he had to become a distributor.

Lots of interest

Since George started stocking Jesmonite, he has had a lot of interest and many enquiries for it.

“Someone told me about Jesmonite, I saw that it was popular, and it was good to use in the home too,” he said.

“It was not like anything I have seen before, it is not like plaster. I made some samples with it and played with the children with it and it was very good.

“It’s quick to dry and economically friendly, using water, which is very important, but I also loved the colours you can create. The pigment is great.

“I now have lots of new customers who keep contacting me – bug businesses for bathrooms and statues as well as people who want to make small creative models from it.”


George supplies materials to many big museums in Greece and believes they will be interested in using Jesmonite now too.

There could be statues and fountains made from the product across the country in the next few years.

He said many people know about it but have had to order to oversees.

“Since experimenting with Jesmonite I have learnt how to make a mold for it and use the product in many different ways,” George added.

“I will not just sell Jesmonite but will also demonstrate it and show people how to use it too, I look forward to seeing what people do with it.”

For more information about Silgram or to find out how you can buy Jesmonite from them visit the website