Seven years in to working with Jesmonite – we speak to Olivia Aspinall

Push, push and push. That’s what Olivia Aspinall does with Jesmonite. And after seven years of working with the material she is still finding new techniques and new things to create. Olivia, who runs Olivia Aspinall Studio Ltd in Nottingham, is constantly challenging herself to create new ways of working with Jesmonite and – we think you’ll agree – the results are amazing.

She is believed to be one of the first artists to trial the now very popular terrazzo design using Jesmonite, which is in high demand and well respected as a way to use broken pieces of Jesmonite “We started using Jesmonite to create a contemporary terrazzo because we wanted to offer completely bespoke elements,” she said.

“Traditionally you don’t have a choice over the colours you are using, but I started making chips so we can do it with Jesmonite. “I started using AC100 to create different surfaces, then experimented with how we can cut it and make it look like something else too.

“It is all about colour and pattern – Jesmonite allows us to do that to the best of our ability and experiment and push boundaries.

“I think we push the material all the time as we come across the limitations of it and what’s great about it too.”

Her company started in 2015 and offers fresh and exciting surface finishes for the interior design industry. She has created some incredible one-off pieces in Jesmonite including tabletops, dining tables, chairs and reception desks. Olivia developed her first collection whilst studying for a degree in textile design at Central Saint Martins. She has a background in printed textiles, making wallpapers with materials like crushed up coal and chalk. After using plaster and hard surfaces for many years, looking for an alternative material to use in pigmenting is what led her to Jesmonite initially.

Now, around 80% of her work is with commercial clients, working to realise their ideas through expert colour and pattern experimentation. And this work is complimented by a range of homewares and delivering casting workshops to both the public and companies.

“What we make varies in scale for pieces and projects,” she added. “I have made a heavy and large 4×4 metre dining table, including legs, from AC730 which was shipped to the US.

“I’ve also made 2×2 meter cladding for retail premises and made interiors for the Google offices in London.

“One of my clients, Studio Ashby, which is an interior design studio in London, really let me push the material and experiment all the time which is absolutely fantastic.

“It helps me find out more about Jesmonite and the possibilities of it all the time.”

All of Olivia’s pieces, which feature both specialist bespoke terrazzo and other patterns and craftsmanship, are hand cast and finished in their Nottingham studio. To find out more about Olivia Aspinall Studio Ltd, commission a piece or buy products they create visit the Website or Instagram.